“Tyson” was shot near the “Rapture”. “Country” became known the details of a deadly shooting in Kharkov

"Тайсона" подстрелили близ "Восторга". "Стране" стали известны подробности смертельной перестрелки в Харькове

The source of the “Country” in law enforcement agencies told the details of the shooting in Kharkov, which occurred today, October 25, Klochkovskaya street.

George (George Isaac, who is the ally of ex-leader of “Oplot” Evgeny Zhilin, Ed.), with the gang sitting in a cafe “Rapture”, and there, apparently, between them, a skirmish began, which resulted in a gunfight in the Parking lot.

Killed in the shootout — Vladimir Borokh, known as “Tyson”, the right hand Żory. George himself now in the fourth hospital with a penetrating wound to the chest. The car, which came to one of the participants has already been found burned.

One of the participants of the skirmish moved to the station, where he was spotted by police and shot. He had a few grenades, one of which exploded, severing his head.

"Тайсона" подстрелили близ "Восторга". "Стране" стали известны подробности смертельной перестрелки в Харькове

Photo: “Country”
Criminal group “Zory” – “Aryans” in conflict with the clan of the Dnieper kingpin named “Umka” – Sergey Oleynik.

According to the “Country” in the area South of the station was blown up a Alexey V. Titov, born in 1972. According to police, Titov was a hired killer from “Umki”.

In addition, the sources and details of the shooting itself. “Jora” with his two closest “colleagues” by nickname “Tyson” and “ham” was found today in the cafe at the supermarket “Delight” with the fourth – Alexey Titov and another man, who remained unidentified and was not arrested.

The shooting occurred outside in front of the café. “Tyson” died in the ambulance, Jora delivered to the emergency hospital — he has a penetrating wound to the chest as well as wounds to the hands and feet, the fate of “ham” is still unknown.

Titov has managed to drive the Toyota Rav-4 to the address Klochkovskaya street, 193, where the burned car. Subsequently, he almost managed to get to the station, where he was intercepted by police. The offender pulled out a grenade and pulled the pin, but was shot by the police, and the grenade exploded in his hands.We will remind, “Country” wrote about the fact that the suspect in the shooting was found near the station an hour after the shooting.

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