Tzemach said that the Netherlands had offered him citizenship in exchange for testimony on the downed MH17

Цемах заявил, что Нидерланды предлагали ему гражданство в обмен на показания по сбитому МН17

Suspected of involvement in the Malaysian Boeing crash Vladimir tsemakh, who was released by Ukraine within the framework of the exchange, argues that the representatives of the Netherlands offered him citizenship in exchange for testimony in the case of a catastrophe.

This is stated in an interview Tzemach Executive Director of “Russia today” Kirill Vyshinsky in the “People of Donbass”.

According to him, in his interrogation in Kiev was attended by representatives of police of Australia and the Netherlands.

“Offered the witness protection program, offered citizenship, a house in Holland for some reason. Why not in Australia? – that it surprised me to haggle I didn’t.”

“I think it’s an act of terrorism of the Ukrainian state in relation to me — trying to hang. Well, I was head of air defense. I explained to them that, by and large, I’m scared of their aircraft. Once the airplanes flew, and more Snow in the area do not fly,” said the tzemach.

According to him, he asked me to bring him the pipe, after which they were filled with sand and tin made the “triggers”.

“Me “beauty” went eight groups, and showed that we do have MANPADS — and lots of it. Though really two “sauske” and two MANPADS kept the defense of this territory! It’s just the name I had, I’m the head of defense. It’s even a platoon of hard to call, by and large,” he said.

According to him, Kiev has nothing against him and can not be. “Because I was not involved in these events. And try to make me a scapegoat? This is interesting,” he said.

In addition, according to him, his abduction in June and was injected with tranquilizers.

Tzemach also believes that the security has provided him documents that were seized, the investigative website Bellingcat, though they were to be kept under a signature stamp “secret investigation.”

Earlier it was reported that the Netherlands has requested assistance from the Russian Prosecutor’s office in the interrogation Tzemach in the case of MH17.

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