U.s. East coast: of the cicadas “zombies” emerge after 17-year absence

Côte Est américaine: des cigales «zombies» émergent après 17 ans d'absence

The United States are preparing for the emergence of million of cicadas “zombies”, ready to emerge after 17 years underground. Fortunately, unlike the hornets murderers and the COVID-19, these cicadas are harmless.

According to information reported by CNN, there will be approximately 1.5 million of these cicadas very noisy per acre of land, this was, in some places on the East coast. For a soccer pitch, there will be approximately 3.6 million of these insects.

Of the inhabitants of the States of the american East coast, particularly in the south-west of Virginia, in certain areas of North Carolina, and west Virginia, should attend to this phenomenon uncommon, warned the Virginia Tech University.

“The communities and the farms that will see a lot of these cicadas emerge at the same time should meet with a substantial noise problem,” said Eric Day of the entomology department of Virginia Tech.

“Let’s hope that the disruption and the inconvenience caused by the noise will be tempered by the rarity and the impressive character of this event,” added the scientist.

The arrival of the cicadas is a danger; not for humans, but for the orchids, vineyards and trees, because of their mode of reproduction ovipare.

“The cicadas [as they are called in English, ED.] may appear in a number of the disconcerting and farmers in the affected areas should remain on the alert,” noted professor Doug Pfeiffer, working also in the department of entomology of Virginia Tech University.

The cicadas “zombies” are large insects with wings clear. Some cicadas emerge annually, while others get only to 13, or 17 years of age, which remains a mystery in the eyes of the specialists. Some believe that they could live as well to fool their predators.

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