U.S.-Turkish relations: there is a threat more terrible than the s-400 (Sabah)

Американо-турецкие отношения: есть угроза пострашнее С-400 (Sabah)

A few weeks before the visit of President Erdogan to America, held on 13 November, a group of senators from the Republican and Democratic parties wrote a letter to the US state Department with the requirement to accelerate the us visa to the leader of the people’s protection Units (YPG) to Ferhat Abdi Shahin (Ferhat Abdi Şahin), also known as Mazlum Kobane (Kobani Mazlum).In the letter, which was signed and Republican Senator Lindsey Graham (Lindsey Graham), block consideration of a Senate resolution on the so-called “Armenian genocide” after a meeting with Erdogan in the USA, it was noted that the Congress will be useful to listen to the Shahin.In addition, the American President trump in one of his tweets posted during the operation, “the Source of peace,” said: “Thank you, General Mazlum, for your kind words and courage. Please pass on my warmest wishes to the Kurdish people. I look forward to meeting you in the near future,” and thus praised the leader of the YPG, announced him as the representative of Kurds and yet officially invited him to the White house.This attempt to legitimize Sahin distinguished not only by the USA. The mite was brought also by Russia. In mass media there was information that in the past month, Shaheen video conferencing took part in the meeting of the Russian military, among whom were the Minister of defence of Russia Sergey Shoigu.Shaheen for many years ranked in the top ten of the Turkish list of most wanted persons. the Ministry of justice of Turkey has sent the U.S. state Department dossier to arrest Shahin at the entrance to the U.S. and extradite him to Turkey. As the President said Erdogan at a press conference with trump, Turkey should meet the same fair response to its requests for extradition of terrorists, as it makes itself in relation to such requests from other countries. In this case before us is a terrorist, which two major countries are willing to negotiate, and our military cooperation with them is at a high level.What with the YPG, were treated as legitimate by the principal and supported by both the US and Russia, in my opinion, quite dangerous. It can begin a process that will entail even the legitimization of the PKK. Therefore, the US and Russia need to continually repeat that there is a red line the crossing of which can lead to rupture of relations.So, researcher, American enterprise Institute Michael Rubin (Michael Rubin), the loudest defending the thesis of the terrorist organization of Fethullah Gulen (FETÖ) in America, first announced dangerous appeal, which I note in an article published early this year under the title “We must recognize the evolution of the PKK”.Such international media as the “si-EN-EN” (CNN), “new York times” (New York Times), “Bi-bi-si” (BBC), called Abdi, Shahin “General Kobane”, as if it represents the official army.American and European legislators receive his awards. That is why we are on all platforms, you need to talk about who he really is, which is a cold-blooded killer who ordered the terrorists, suicide bombers and killed hundreds of people, including women and children.I don’t think the leader of the YPG can go to the White house in the near future. But I’m sure that if this low probability is realized, the Turkish-American relations will come to an unprecedented decline.

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