UAVS Alpha Capital Establishment

UAVS Alpha Capital Establishment

UAVS Alpha Capital Establishment

The corona epidemic, Covid-19, broke into our lives without warning. The virus has changed our lives without recognition in all aspects of our life.

It took a long time for medicine to develop a vaccine. From the first outbreak to the present, the effective way to block the spread of the virus is through social distance and even closures. Creative ways are needed to deal with all the new challenges we face. One of the challenges is dealing with solitary confinement. Alpha Capital Anstalt UAVS is part of the solutions.

Assist in solitary confinement

Alpha Capital Anstalt UAVS is actively involved in the world of unmanned aerial vehicles. In other words, drones. It invested in AgEagle, a leading commercial drone technology company focused on deliveries for commercial purposes. But when developing a product for any purpose, it is of course used for other unexpected needs as well.

When dealing with corona challenges, drones offer an excellent solution to help authorities check for insulators in your home. The drone received the address of a person, arrived at the window of his house and while floating, the patient presented his face to the drone so that the police could see it on his monitor from a distance. The drone also photographed his identification card for inclusion in the database. That has already been tested and showed great success. The isolated family in the future will also be able to receive their medicines and meals from a drone. Maintain the maximum social distance.

Future of drones

Alpha Capital Anstalt UAVS ‘goal is for the company’s developing drones to make package deliveries to internet customers. Alpha Capital Anstalt could not imagine that the investment would be so useful so soon. Now he hopes to deliver medicine to the door of an isolated patient. soon.

It is not far from today that all deliveries will also be able to reach our home via drones. The investment in technological advancement that is widespread is Alpha Capital Anstalt specialty occupations. A stable, solid and successful institutional investment company.