Uber: Quebec loose a bit of ballast

Photo: Seth Wening Associated Press
Quebec has imposed new conditions for the drivers of Uber on the 23rd of September.

The new minister of Transport of Québec, André Fortin, loose a bit of ballast on Friday in the folder Uber, to 24 hours of an ultimatum by the carrier.


If he maintains the conditions imposed on 23 September to Uber, however, it gives more time to new drivers so that they fold to a check of their criminal history.


They “will benefit from a period of eight weeks to comply with this obligation,” announced the minister Fortin in a statement released in the morning. Drivers “already registered at the date of October 14, 2017” will have to comply within a period of two years after the last criminal record check made by Uber.


“Let us be very clear, this simple modification does not alter the obligations of Uber,” warned the new minister. “They will have to submit the drivers to a training of 35 hours and verification of judicial records by a Québec police force. It is a matter of fairness to all stakeholders in the market and to ensure the safety of the users. “


Quebec has imposed new conditions for the drivers of Uber on the 23rd of September. The ex-Transport minister, Laurent Lessard, had declared that he could not have “two standards on safety” between the taxi industry and Uber, which could until now use a private firm to check criminal background.


Quebec had also asked the drivers of Uber to follow a training of 35 hours, as do the members of the taxi industry. This last requirement had led to a surge in the carrier.

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In response, Uber announced that the changes required by Quebec put “at risk” its ability to operate in Quebec. He had issued an ultimatum, which ends this Saturday.