Ubisoft announces the departure of Yannis Mallat, and other leaders

Ubisoft annonce le départ de Yannis Mallat et d'autres dirigeants

Ubisoft announces the departure of Yannis Mallat, the director of its studios canadians, and reaffirms its commitment to implement a significant change at the enterprise level, while the latter is referred to by many of the allegations of misconduct.

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Mallat is leaving his functions immediately, according to a press release from Ubisoft. “The recent allegations have emerged in Canada against many employees do not allow him to continue to assume its responsibilities.”, so it is written.

Yves Guillemot, CEO of Ubisoft, had promised in early July to a structural change within the company after some of its executives had been affected by allegations of sexual assault, and sexual harassment.

The creative director Serge Hascoët himself would have chosen to resign from his post immediately and will be replaced by Yves Guillemot, who will oversee personally a complete overhaul of the way in which creative teams work together.

The level of human resources, Cécile Cornet will be replaced and a recruiting firm is actively seeking someone to fill his position. Ubisoft said to restructure and strengthen its HR functions in order to adapt the department to the new challenges of the video game industry.

“Ubisoft has failed to fulfil its obligation to ensure a working environment that is safe and inclusive for its employees,” one can read in the press release. “It is unacceptable, because the behaviours of toxic are in direct contrast with the values on which I never compromise and I will never do it,” says Guillemot. “I am committed to implement wholesale changes across the company to improve and strengthen our corporate culture.”

This news comes at the dawn of a diffusion important for the company, Ubisoft Forward, where the studio will unveil its plans for the years to come.

One of its projects, Far Cry 6, has also been the target of leaks on the web this weekend, unveiling yesterday the participation of the actor Giancarlo Esposito in this next title of the franchise. A few hours later, Ubisoft announced the game, but this showdown had potentially been booked for the dissemination Ubisoft Forward to tomorrow. Today, it is a trailer full of Far Cry 6 which was found on the web.

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