UFC: Jordan and Barriault in action in Vegas

UFC: Jourdain et Barriault en action à Vegas

Quebecers Charles Jordan and Marc-André Barriault will return to the octagon of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) in the month of June.

According to the information obtained by the Newspaper, the two fighters will have duels on maps that will be presented at the headquarters of the UFC in Las Vegas, on 13 and 20 June.

Jordan crossed the iron with the American Andre Fili (20-7), who has won four of his last six fights. He signed of significant wins against Myles Jury and Dennis Bermudez.

For the athlete Beloeil, this will be a first fight since his convincing victory against the Korean Doo Ho Choi obtained on 21 December last.

“According to what I’ve seen on videos, he has the hands less heavy as Choi, said Jordan in a telephone interview with the Journal. However, it can be dangerous in its own way.

“It represents a way to make me a name that is enviable in the UFC.”

Despite the containment, Jordan is led on a daily basis with his girlfriend Clarence and his brother Louis, who is also a fighter. He now has another challenge before him: to lose 18 lbs in 20 days to get to 145 lbs., 12 June, at the official weigh-in.

“I started my weight cut for a few days. During my confinement, I took advantage of the good things of life and the excellent food of my girlfriend.

“Now, it’s back to the serious things. I don’t see any problems making the weight because of my age and the amount of water I have in the body.”

Jordan wanted a good challenge for his third fight in the UFC, the next-to-last contract. Again, he knows that he must offer a good performance to remain in the good graces of the leaders of the american organization.

Duel without next day

For its part, Barriault will face poland’s Oskar Piechota (11-3-1). After signing of the triumphs in his two rendezvous in the octagon, Piechota last three losses of later. It is in the same position as the fighter of Quebec, which has lost its first three shocks in the UFC.

In both cases, it is a battle without a future. They can’t afford a defeat. The loser has a good chance of being released by the UFC at the end of the evening.

Originally, Barriault had to deal with Piechota on the same date, but in Saskatoon. The event has been cancelled this week.


Last summer, his fiancée, the fighter Jade Masson-Wong and him have made the purchase of a caravan with which they travelled the roads of the United States. He went to Nevada where he had been able to train at the institute in the performance of the UFC.

It was decided to repeat the experience, this time, without being able to cross the border. After a few weeks after his return to his job as a cook, Barriault asked permission to his employer to return to the leave of absence without pay which he had begun on the 1st of June last.

“I am at the foot of the wall in my career and my next fight could be my last. If my journey ends sooner than expected, I’ll want to be at peace with that and tell me that I’ve tried everything, ” said Barriault.

As well, he will come with his trailer. To the adventure with a first stop where it all began : Gatineau.

“For the rest of the things, I’ll be a bit of a fighting nomad. First, I want to return to my roots in Gatineau to train me with my first mentor, Patrick Marcil. I want to reconnect with it, ” he mentioned.

It may, in particular, put on the gloves with the world champion Lethwei, Dave Leduc, who is also returning to Gatineau.

With the collaboration of Kevin Dubé

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