“Ugly thing”: Prikhodko told how her name used in political games

The singer demands an explanation from the organizers of the project

"Бридкий вчинок": Приходько розповіла, як її ім&#039я використовували в політичних іграх

Famous Ukrainian singer Anastasia Prikhodko said that her name and face was used in a political video without her consent. Video with detailed explanation of the situation, the government has published on his page in the social network Facebook, reports Rus.Media.

Prikhodko says that she was deceived and when filming a relevant video, the organizers claimed that the movie is conceived as a part of a social project aimed at promoting the development of Ukraine. And only after the video appeared online, it became clear that he is a part of political advertising.

In his video Anastasia Prikhodko requires explanations from the organizers of the project and requests to remove the footage with her participation from the movie.

“I am fighting for their rights. I, Anastasia Prikhodko, who did not give their consent to participate in the election program of Petro Poroshenko. Screens out the video where I say the following phrase: “to Develop the Ukrainian space and Ukrainian culture, listen to Ukrainian – it is fashionable”. But this video we shot as a social video. As support and development of Ukraine. I got a call Yevhen Nyshchuk, who was asked to participate in a social project. But as you can see, cruel and mean, my name and surname was used in their political games. It’s very humbling and it’s a very ugly thing that has no name. I demand an explanation why this happened. I demand to immediately remove this video off the air or cut me from this movie, since I don’t have any relation to the election campaign of Petro Poroshenko. Thank you,” said the singer.

Anastasia was also supported famous blogger muzhdabaev.

“Call me now my friend Anastasia Prikhodko. In shock. Says that long ago she was called by the Minister of culture Yevhen Nyshchuk with a request to appear in the image video about Ukraine. Nastya agreed. And now saw the result, she says, it’s all over TV. Turns out its a hoax filmed in a commercial for the President. Nastya asks me what to do. I even was taken aback, not sure what to tell her. What you think of it when they do that? Why so not respect, in fact — to humiliate the President, to lure the famous people to campaign for him cheating? How can you? About the artistic merits of the style of socialist realism I’m not talking,” wrote the blogger.

"Бридкий вчинок": Приходько розповіла, як її ім&#039я використовували в політичних іграх

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