7 Nov 2019, Ukrainian border guards once again were not allowed into Ukraine a few Israeli citizens. This was followed by an emergency meeting of the Ambassador of Israel in Ukraine, Joel Lyon and Tatiana Kovalchuk — Deputy Minister of internal Affairs of Ukraine.

These two events were the reason for the wording JewishNews to figure out how is the situation with border crossing for Ukrainians in Israel and for Israelis in Ukraine?

Ukraine and Israel for two years looking for a compromise in this matter. In 2017, Arsen Avakov (interior Minister) met with Aryeh Deri (the interior Minister of Israel) stated the need for the establishment of the Commission, which would decide the issue of the imbalance of refusals on entry: when the Ukrainians were denied more often than Israelis.

Since then held a number of bilateral meetings, but the compromise had not been reached.

For example, in 2018, Israel is not allowed 3,500 Ukrainians and in Ukraine — about 85 Israelis.

In 2019 the issue of Ukrainians crossing the Israeli border and the Israelis escalated the Ukrainian. Ukrainians EN masse were not allowed into Israel and Vice versa — the Israelites were not given entry into Ukraine. This is despite the fact that between countries there is bezviz for over 8 years.

The interests of the Israeli side in this matter is the Israeli Ambassador in Ukraine, Joel Lyon, who has already met with representatives of the Ukrainian Ministry of internal Affairs and emphasized that only the joint efforts of both parties will help to resolve this issue.

Joel Lyon also held a series of meetings starting in the spring of 2019. During discussions with representatives of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine, both parties came to the conclusion that it is necessary to introduce an additional agreement that will ease the situation on the borders.

The Ambassador repeatedly stated at meetings and in interviews that Israel is pleased Ukrainians, but some of them try to illegally stay in the Jewish state to work there.

While in Israel, the need of Ukrainian specialists, for example, in the construction sector than reported in the Embassy.

11 Jul 2019 between Ukraine and Israel signed the Declaration on the intensification of cooperation. The signing ceremony was attended by the head of the MIA of Ukraine Arsen Avakov and his Deputy Tetiana Kovalchuk, the head of the interior Ministry of Israel Aryeh Deri and Ambassador Joel lion.

In addition, the Israeli delegation was Rabbi of the Dnieper Shmuel Kaminezki and President of the Jewish community Dnepr Gennady Bogolyubov.

The Declaration was signed with the aim to unlock the crisis and was the result of the work of the bilateral group.

After the signing of the Ukrainian-Israeli Declaration, in mid-August, during the visit of Benjamin Netanyahu (Prime Minister of Israel) to Ukraine, President Vladimir Zelensky said that the sides agreed to solve the problem with the border crossing completely.

In recent time, our countries are actively cooperating in the migration area. We are talking about the numerous refusals to Ukrainian citizens for entry into Israel. We agreed to finally resolve this problem. commented on the results of negotiations with the Israeli government led by Vladimir Zelensky.

But, despite all agreement and personal agreements political leaders, tensions at the borders have so far remained. After another meeting with representatives of the interior Ministry, which took place last week, Joel Lyon urged the Ukrainians and the police to help Israelis who want to visit Ukraine.

Edition JewishNews 11 November addressed to the Embassy of Israel in Ukraine for a personal review of Ambassador Joel Lyon on this issue.

Ambassador Lyon said the following:

The root of the problem lies in the illegal immigration to Israel and illegal work in Israel, and Israel and Ukraine are working together for their containment.

Soon we will hold a meeting of our joint working group.

Meanwhile, all must be patient and not be afraid questions when crossing the border.Obviously, Ukrainian and Israeli diplomats will be required to hold a number of meetings and agree on issues that remain relevant.

By the way, it is worth noting that the situation on the borders of Ukraine and Israel, has not prevented Israeli Hasidim arrive in Ukraine in September to celebrate Rosh Hashanah in Uman. The Ambassador Lyon said that the Ukrainian border guards consistently worked for and the Hasidim were satisfied with the visit to Ukraine.

Moreover, the interest of Israel to Ukraine is constantly growing and Ukraine is one of the priority destinations for the residents of the Jewish state who fly to Ukraine to visit the Jewish towns, on the graves of the tzaddikim and in the synagogues.

That is why both sides do not leave hopes on the fact that a compromise will be found and the issue of border crossings is still to be resolved and will bring positive results for Ukraine and Israel.

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