Ukraine became one of the five world leaders in the export of butter

According to the Ministry, Ukraine has got the five leaders of the sales of butter.

Україна стала одним із п&#039яти світових лідерів з експорту вершкового масла

Last year Ukraine was in the TOP 5 world leaders in the sale abroad of butter, informs Rus.Media.

“In 2018, Ukraine is among the five world leaders in the export of butter. All thanks to the fact that the Ukrainian products have started to recognize the EU”, – stated in the message of Ministry of economic development.

The Agency notes that the EU remains the main trade partner of Ukraine with a share of over 42% in total exports. The effect of the free trade Agreement with the EU will strengthen the application of the Regional Convention of pan-Euro-Med and the triangle diagonal cumulation EU-Ukraine-Israel.

“After the entry into force of the Agreement on free trade with Israel, Ukrainian producers will be able to import raw materials and components from Israel to process them in Ukraine and to export to the EU at zero or concessional rate of duty.

Thus, investors will have more incentives to embed in Ukraine the production of high value-added”, – noted in the Ministry.