Ukraine broke the record for exports of fruits and nuts

Exports in February more than doubled in two years.

Україна побила рекорд з експорту фруктів і горіхів

Ukraine in February 2019 has received a record revenue from exports of fruits and nuts – $24.8 million US dollars, informs Rus.Media.

As reported EastFruit, exports grew by 10% in relation to January 2019 and a third exceeded that of February 2018.

“Two months 2019 Ukraine has earned on export of fruit, berries and nuts $47.4 million USD, or 22% more than the year before”, – stated in the message.

Analysts EastFruit pay attention to the fact that exports in February more than doubled in two years, in February 2017, the total revenue from exports of all fruits, berries and nuts did not exceed $11.5 million dollars, and in February 2019 was 2.2 times higher.

As before, the main unit of exports was walnuts, which in February 2019 accounted for about 64% of export revenue. However, their share has significantly decreased over the year in February of 2018 at the walnut accounted for 77% of total revenue. The main reason for the decline in the share of walnuts in revenue was a decline in average prices for these products, and the increase in earnings from exports of fresh apples and frozen berries and fruits.

Apple in February 2019 accounted for 14% of total revenue, against 8% in the previous year and 4% two years earlier. Frozen berries also brought Ukraine in February 2019, 21% of total export earnings, although in February of last year their share did not exceed 14%.