Ukraine does not have enough fire stations and new equipment

В Украине не хватает пожарных частей и нового оборудования

During the inspection of the SSES revealed an insufficient number of units outdated equipment and unqualified personnel. About the editors learned from the report of the accounting chamber.

According to auditors, on a rapid response fire and rescue units of the following factors. In particular, the arrival of rescuers to the challenge is complicated by the insufficient number of fire rescue units. In 2018 on the territory of Ukraine functioned 2209 fire and rescue units, accounting for 64% of the normative requirement, of which 986 1223 state and local, created by local authorities.

According to SSES, it is additionally necessary to create 1249 units, including 162 public — in cities where there is intense construction areas, and 1087 — local fire brigades for fighting fires in rural areas, of which 428 — as educated United territorial communities.

In addition, the work of a firefighter complicates inadequate logistical support fire-rescue units. Understaffing fire and rescue units equipment for fighting fires is 40.7%, lack of units fire tankers high
cross a large supply of substances to extinguish is 72.9%.

In gschs argue that resupply and replacement of obsolete equipment in the existing local fire and rescue departments must 897 units, for manning the local fire and rescue departments that need to create, 1639 units.

Also, units have minimum staff and insufficiently developed system of voluntary fire teams.

According to the report of the accounting chamber, due to inappropriate legislative and normative-legal support of creation and functioning of local and volunteer fire and rescue units observed a low level of formation of bodies of local self-government units of local fire protection.

For example, in the Dnipropetrovsk regional state administration reported that in rural areas due to the mismatch in the number of fire rescue units the distance from one division to the extreme point of the area is 40-50 km, which is about an hour journey to the location of the call.

The auditors identified the use of outdated firefighting and rescue equipment, which are not always performed scheduled maintenance, lack of necessary fire-technical and rescue equipment, special clothing and equipment, inadequate working conditions for staff (building
and facilities in need of repair), as well as the inadequate level of training of units.

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