Ukraine got Namir vimagati from Russie dolgostroi the contract for the transit of gas

Україна має намір вимагати у Росії довгостроковий контракт на транзит газу

Ukraine in talks W Rosy schodo transit gas Buda vimagati ukladannya dolgosrochnogo the contract. About TSE saying Ukrainian Prem courier-Ministr Oleksiy Goncharuk pid hour years of sipitang to Uryadov at Verhovni Rad.

“Mi we will vimagati dolgosrochnogo the contract, and not for one year, and mi we will vimagati guarantees transit in dostatnih clast dwellers mozhna Bulo obslugovuyuche gastransport system.”

For Yogo words, pokey can not exactly say, if dogovr bude papineni, however we all Kyiv dwellers TSE steel in the most korotk Termini.

Goncharuk also privte uchwalenie Parliament law, that peredacha vdden gastransport system of the country from “Naftogaz”.

As Wacoms zaklikaet Rosy , Ukraine to knislinge ukladannya transit contract.

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