Ukraine has established a Commission to test knowledge of the state language

На Украине создали комиссию для проверки знаний государственного языка

© Press-service of the President of Ukrainethe Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine announced the establishment of a National Commission according to the standards of the state language. This was reported on the government website.It is expected that the Commission will check the level of the state language proficiency for citizenship of Ukraine or of certain legal posts. The purpose of the Commission will be the protection and preservation of the historical integrity of the language.”The national Commission will have the status of a Central Executive authority, whose work is directed and koordiniruyutsya by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine through the Minister of education and science”, – is told in the message.The Ukrainian government has also begun the development of a strategy in the field of culture and art, which will be preceded by a sociological study to ensure access of citizens to the consumption of cultural services, the arts.In Ukraine July 16, entered into force the Law “On ensuring the functioning of Ukrainian as the state language”. It provides that the President, his deputies, representatives of government agencies, judges, teachers and health care providers are required to be fluent in the Ukrainian language in the public space, the civil service and in the service sector.The OSCE criticized the language policy in Ukraine from discrimination of national minorities.Earlier on radio Sputnik political analyst Ivan Mizuho commented on the intention of the Ministry of education of Ukraine to ban the Russian schools.