Ukraine has launched the first campaign in support of WWF Carpathian lynx

В Украине стартует первая кампания WWF в поддержку карпатской рыси

Until January 20, 2020, organizers plan to collect 400 000 UAH.

World wide Fund for nature-WWF Ukraine begins Christmas campaign to raise funds for research of populations of the lynx.

Lynx – the species included in the Red book of Ukraine with the status “rare”, as of 2009 its population was estimated at about 500 individuals. However, the data are outdated and do not reflect the real situation of the population and not help prevent any threats to her. Deforestation, poaching, economic activities, unorganized tourism and jeeping continue to displace lynx from its customary habitat. It is now critical to determine how many lynx are left, what kind of environment is favorable for their existence, and what needs to be done to preserve and restore its population.

International experience has shown that monitoring with the introduction of the National management plan are effectively sustain and even increase populations of lynx.

“The introduction of the National plan for the management of trotting on the level of the relevant Ministry may become a precedent in Ukraine. For example, lynx, similar management plans could be developed and introduced for other species, in particular brown bear, and sturgeon, on the verge of extinction”, says the head of “Rare species” WWF Bohdan Vortex.

The lynx leads a very secretive way of life and chooses the remote hard to reach places, and because monitoring is complex and resource-intensive process. 20 January 2020 organizers plan to collect 400 000 UAH, which will enhance the program of Ukraine WWF “save the lynx”. The funds raised will be used to purchase trail cameras, equipment and fuel for monitoring on the territory of protected areas of Polesie and the Carpathians. The next step will be the development and implementation of the National plan of action for the management of state level.

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