Ukraine has lost positions in the ranking of fast Internet

Украина потеряла позиции в рейтинге быстрого интернета

In the rating Agency Cable, which determines the speed of the Internet in the countries, Ukraine dropped four positions and took the 58th place.

This is with reference to the rating of Cable according to Biznestsentr.

In 2017, Ukraine took the ranking in 54th place.

Average download speed from the Internet in Ukraine has to 11.28 Mbps. the Average time to download the videos volume 5 gigabytes in Ukraine is one hour.

From nearest neighbors in terms of Internet speed Ukraine ahead in the ranking, Belarus, Turkey

The fastest Internet, according to the rating in Singapore — 60,39 MB/s For download video volume 5 gigabytes in this country takes 11 minutes.

Next in the ranking are Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Romania. The U.S. is in 20th place, Canada 33, Australia – 52, China — 141.

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