Ukraine has reduced poppy production by half

Украина сократила производство мака вдвое

Ukraine this year has harvested 1500 tons of poppy, while in 2018 — 3000 t

Earlier, this number reached 20 thousand tons, said in comments the General Director of the Scientific research industrial agrarian enterprise “poppy of Ukraine” Yuri grey.

According to him, the decrease in acreage under poppy — the result of unbalanced legislation. So today, instead of the 50-60 of the farms only four.

“The requirement for farmers to set up a state security entails an increase in the cost of the Mac. This resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers prolobiroval Ministry of the interior. For one household security costs 5-10 million UAH”, — he said.

When in 2016 the security was private, the cost of a Mac has fallen by 30%. Now the Ukrainian Mac is more expensive than foreign. Abroad such practice is not, adds the manufacturer.

In his opinion, the authority to issue permits for the planting need to transfer from the national police to the licensing authority, the Commission will verify the declarations, which declares the producer. For this you need to bring into effect the decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 282 dated 6 April 2016 to protection of the poppy crop and adjust the cm regulation on the protection of objects.

Now at submission of documents on the planting Natspolitsiya not issue permits for sowing without a contract with the state security service of the interior Ministry. Need, to and licenses were given the same regulatory authority.

“My company is in the market since 2002. Previously exported Mak in Turkey, Austria, Germany, Byelorussia. Now this is not” — said General Director of “Mak of Ukraine”.

He also added that there are problems with the quality of Mac, so the producers of bakery products in the present time have started to give preference to other fillers.

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