Ukraine has suspended the certification of the universities

В Украине приостановили аттестацию вузов

The Ministry of education and science (MES) of Ukraine has suspended the certification of higher educational institutions. The best universities could get 100 million to basic science funding.
This was reported on the website of MES.
According to the Minister of education and science Anna Novosad, this decision was taken due to the fact that mon need to increase the number of experts who evaluate scientific activities in the universities.
“Just a few weeks ago in Mont started certification, the results of which we first had to give the best research areas at universities basic funding for science. In 2019 it is put on 100 million hryvnias. Analysis and expert evaluation of scientific activities should be conducted by an independent expert only in the MES, there were more than 900 questionnaires. But the results of their analysis and rating of candidates, the Commission on appraisal has taken the decision to extend expert — with high requirements for candidates, as well as the assistance of international experts”, — explained the Minister of education and science Anna Novosad.
The Minister also said that the program will continue in 2020, and the amount of funding will be increased to 400 million hryvnia.

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