“UKRAINE in figures

"УКРАИНА в цифрах

Salary cervenka “Naftogaz” KOBOLEV Andra, sklada 23 MLION UAH in misyats.Salary cervenka “Ukrzaliznytsya” Material Kravtsov, sklad 1 MILLION 500 THOUSAND UAH in misyats.Salary cervenka “of Energoatom” Yuri Natascha, sklada MILLION 1 UAH in misyats.Salary cervenka “Ukrposhta” Igorya Selenskogo, sklada 800 THOUSAND UAH will…the average purchasing power of Ukrainians remains the lowest in Europe… According to the study, after the payment of mandatory payments, the Europeans spend an average of 14 739 euros (408,4 thousand UAH) per person per year, while the Ukrainians only 1830 euros (about 50.7 per thousand UAH).Ukraine occupies in the ranking of 42nd. The… indicators in Kosovo and Moldova… BETTER!!!!!!!!The ranking leader is Liechtenstein — 37 times bigger than in Ukraine….Well, Yes… but where does this ability will grow, if all self-employed to kill, to destroy the rights of labor? How did the demand develop?But!!! The Cabinet promised that the salaries of Ukrainians in two years reached 16 thousand…yeah! Exactly when the dollar will PL 100… )))))” Michael Chaplyga

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