Ukraine increased grain exports by almost 33%

Украина увеличила экспорт зерновых почти на 33%

Ukraine since the beginning of the 2019/2020 marketing year (MG, July-June) as of 13 Dec 2019 exported 27,36 million tons of grain and bean, which is 32.9% more than the same date last MY.
Reportedly, to date, the country exported 14 million tons of wheat, 9.4 million tonnes of corn, 3.6 million tons of barley.

As of 13 December this year also exported 168.8 thousand tons of flour.

As reported, Ukraine in 2018/2019 MG exported record high of 50.4 million tons of grain, bean and flour, which is 23% higher than the previous MG.

The Ministry of agriculture, U.S. (USDA) in November increased the forecast of grain exports to 2019/2020 MG 0.5 million tons compared with the October forecast, which made up about 54.94 million tons.

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