Ukraine increased the AgroExport Nigeria

Украина увеличила агроэкспорт в Нигерию

Ukraine and Nigeria are going to increase trade of agricultural products.

This was discussed during the meeting of Deputy Minister of economic development, trade and agriculture Inna Meteleva with Prince of honor authorized by the State Ministry of agriculture, Lagos state by Gbolahan Lovecom, said the Ministry.

During the meeting participants discussed the status and direction of cooperation in the field of agriculture and increasing trade of agricultural products.

As noted, for 10 months of 2019, the export of agricultural products from Ukraine to Nigeria amounted to $48.3 million, which is twice more than in the same period of the previous year.

TOP-3 commodity items of exports were: wheat ($38.2 million) malt ($2.6 million) sugar ($2.5 million).

For its part, the representatives of the Nigerian delegation expressed their willingness to learn from Ukraine’s experience in agricultural technologies, innovation, production and productivity in animal husbandry, vegetable production, fruit production, processing, Advisory services.

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