Ukraine introduced quotas on imports of sulfuric acid from Russia

Украина ввела квоты на импорт серной кислоты из России

The interdepartmental Commission on international trade (mkmt) has decided to impose quotas on imports of sulfuric acid and oleum, reported on the website of the Ministry of economic development and trade of Ukraine.

“Following the review of materials (special investigation – if) it is established that there is a need for protective measures … to protect domestic producers from growing import used special measures concerning import to Ukraine of sulfuric acid and oleum, regardless of country of origin and export in the form of quotas on imports into Ukraine for a period of three years”, — stated in the message.

The corresponding decision mkmt adopted on 2 July.

According to the state statistics service, in January-April 2018 import to Ukraine of sulfuric acid and oleum from Russia amounted to 2.1 thousand tonnes at $99.2 thousand, from Belarus – 18 tons at $820,5 thousand

These two countries accounted for almost 100% of the total imports of these products, while its exports amounted to 23.4 tons for $7.7 thousand

Against the imposition of restrictions on the import of sulfuric acid by a number of Ukrainian metallurgical companies, whereas chemical companies insisted on their introduction.

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