Ukraine Kupu short pork cordon

Україна купує все менше свинини за кордоном

Push stroke January-Zhovtnya Ukraine Northvale 12.5% less pork, than for perch 10 months 2018 rock. Have General for the mentioned period tsogo rock Bulo imported 20, 46 tees. tons’yasa pigs in the amount of 39 million dollars USA.

“To trike basic postachalnik’yasa pigs ocrm Polish Nmachine, “potsnavy” Denmark, priznalsya Nderland. Scho States rinku zbutu, the stench th Nadal salecause obmezheniy in umovah posyannya of ASF in the country. Nonetheless, zvocnih to Hong Kong TA V tamu cohort tadalisa OAU, kudi spremulli mayzhe 31% exportbank pork. Scho States Gros, kudi torch spremulli hope n’yatu castino towns supply of pork, then cohort delivery TAC action and tamasin Nortel perioral on zakupivlyu live tvarin. So, for ten months of 2019 to Susano country otpravili hope 1 tees. tons of live pork Masaya, skupno Varstu 1.58 million U.S. dollars scho perevesu minulin of oltage supply of pigs Yak in the natural, so I a dime equvalent”, – powdersoul in Asian “Swine of Ukraine”.

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