Ukraine leads in the number of immigrants in the EU

Украина лидирует по числу иммигрантов в ЕС

The majority of Ukrainians who have received a residence permit in the EU, going to work in Poland.

In 2018 a residence permit in the European Union received 527 000 Ukrainians (78% of them in Poland), according to the European statistical office Eurostat.

Ukraine ranks first among all countries in the number of granted residence permit in the EU, followed by the Chinese (206 000, nearly half in the UK), the third — Indians (197 000, 38% in UK), the fourth — the Syrians (174 000, 71% of them in Germany), the fifth — Belarusians (138 000, 92% in Poland).

The majority of Ukrainians goes to work in the EU — 64,7%, get education in Europe, almost 12%, writes “League”.

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