Ukraine made the list of countries with harmful tap water

American travel Agency, Globehunters, has published the list of the countries in which threat and tasteless tap water.

Україну внесли до списку країн зі шкідливою для здоров&#039я водопровідною водою

The rating is compiled based on data from the Centers for control and prevention of diseases of Ministry of health of the USA, informs Rus.Media.

This was reported on its official website.

The list includes 187 countries, including all former Soviet republics except Estonia. As pointed out by the travel Agency, the presence in the list does not mean that water from the tap in the territory of that state is dirty – it may simply not be suitable for drinking.

Recognized as safe and delicious tap water in the US (except GUAM), Canada, Australia, Chile, Japan, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, UK, Norway and most EU countries.

In addition, the Agency reports that worldwide, according to the world health organization, diarrhea, caused by the dangerous waters each year as a result of about 842 thousand people.

Україну внесли до списку країн зі шкідливою для здоров&#039я водопровідною водою

Recall that in July 2018, it was reported that the supply of liquid chlorine for disinfection of water in Kiev is rapidly exhausted. “Kyivvodocanal” has a supply of liquid chlorine for disinfection of city water for only one month. About it reports a press-service of the enterprise.

For the preparation of drinking water Dynamo uses water from three sources of the Dnieper, the Desna and artesian wells all require disinfection.

Previously, the company “Dniproazot”, which is a manufacturer of liquid chlorine, which is used by utilities for disinfection of drinking water, warned that it would stop deliveries and stop the production of liquid chlorine. “Dneproazot” stayed June 15, due to the increase in gas prices.

“In this regard, the industry water supply and sanitation sector of Ukraine has created a difficult situation with the subsequent disinfection of drinking water. The difficult situation for the Association “Ukrvodokanalekologiya” reported the government to intervene and resolve the issue with the supply of chlorine”, – noted in the Association “Ukrvodokanalekologiya”.