Ukraine on the number of drinking water per capita ranked 125th out of 180 countries

Украина по количеству питьевой воды на душу населения занимает 125 место из 180 стран

In Ukraine, 63 thousand, 40 thousand lakes, 1,100 reservoirs, ponds 400 thousand – 1 million 100 thousand hectares of fresh water area. At the same time on the map of Europe we designated as dry a country as polluted rivers so much that they are unfit for intake of drinking water.

About it reports a press-service of the National Ecological Council of Ukraine.

A recent study commissioned by the world Bank, has put Ukraine on the quantity of potable water per capita of 125 out of 180 countries. We are somewhere between Chad and the Sudan, the African countries. And speaking of Kherson region, there are number of drinking water less than in the Central part of the country more than doubled.

“Having such a wonderful geographical position, such huge reserves of fresh water, we criminally and carelessly dispose of them – says the head of the National Ecological Council of Ukraine Alexander Chistyakov – All the years of Independence to our waters are selfish and sometimes criminal. Many rivers blocked by dams, with the result that they lost their natural flow and are not able to “wash away” all the dirt that gets in them. On the banks of rivers are Metropolitan areas, chemical and metallurgical giants with their sinks and drains. The water in the reservoir resembles a cocktail of the entire periodic table. The shore relentlessly built up, pounding into the concrete of the former natural spawning grounds, meadows, swamps which acted as a natural filter, cleaning the water of the rivers”.

This year in domestic water bodies were dumped about 2 billion cubic meters of wastewater, 1/3 of them is untreated sewage.

This is excluding the mud, which gets into water bodies by rain runoff bypassing the treatment facilities. Almost all washing machines dump their waste in storm drains. Thousands of tons of salt after the winter safely with the spring streams fall in rain water directly into rivers. Chemicals from the fields are washed away by rains and drainage channels that drain into water bodies, which leads to massive fish Mora. In 2018 was poisoned all, or nearly all life in 2180 reservoirs. In 2019 1840 reservoirs. Also because of this criminal mismanagement in the reservoir water salinity increased markedly, and today, Kakhovka, Kremenchug, Kanev reservoirs can meet the fish-needle, and even small jellyfish. All this leads to a change in aquatic ecosystems!

All of our washing powders are made with the use of phosphates. Washing the car wash and poured the water into the sewer. Sewage treatment plants are not reading the formula of phosphate. Therefore, those freely into the river, which contribute to intensive growth of brown-green algae. When the algae decay, it emit dangerous toxins. The overgrowing of water bodies leads to shallowing and eutrophication. But the journey does not end phosphates. When water intake again don’t read his formula, and he gets to our taps. It turns out that we are drinking diluted waste water from washing machines and car washes. Need to add that phosphates contribute to the development of cancer.

From the Dnieper basin drinking 2/3 of the population. What drinking water is the health of the nation. No wonder doctors say that 37% of diseases related to drinking water quality. Water is life. Man consists of 70% liquid.

“Every sewer should have a counter, measuring the level of contamination. Penalties should be stricter, and the fines repeatedly raise the pollution of our waters,” – according to the National Ecological Council of Ukraine

It turns out that we pollute the water, and after trying to use it as drinking water.

Dnipro have not “buzzing”, he moans … the River dies. Today the Dnieper river shallow, it is fragmented, it changes direction.

Unfortunately, the officials forget that the river is a living organism. Energy see the Dnieper river, the basin with process water to produce electricity … Transport Agency, as a water transport route… there is No single owner of the Dnepr. As you know the collective responsibility leads to a complete irresponsibility! Here and tear apart the Dnieper bureaucratic service. Therefore, we see today as the Dnieper dies.

To begin the revival of the famous river specialists offer to develop a comprehensive program for the restoration of the Dnieper. To the Dnieper could breathe a full breast, it is necessary to remove the clot-silt and clear the river of unnecessary vegetation water.

Scientists say that we are almost the last generation, which depends on the solution of global ecological problems has not yet passed the point of no return. Nature has a remarkable property Renaissance, the restoration of its unique features.

“In order to understand the severity of the problem, you must understand that everything in this world is interconnected. A puddle after rain, and rural pond, and the river outside the window – it’s all part of the world ocean! All surface water and groundwater – is a unified whole! And robbing sand from the bottom of the river, changing its bed, filling up channels, floodplains, swamps or taking bets – you kill a piece of the World ocean, – says Alexander Chistyakov. – What is this all saying? We simply criminal to dispose of natural wealth. Ukraine has long needed to develop a new water policy! Fresh water is needed to recognize strategic resources and approach to use it responsibly! Without understanding this, we can expect a grim prospect. I believe that the mind and sincere love for his land will win the greed of officials, trying to capitalize on our health, which depends on the future of our waters, fortunately new businesses such as this water delivery service exist and will be even more needed. And may soon be in every home.

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