Ukraine plans to get rid of the diplomas of the state sample details

В Украине планируют избавиться от дипломов государственного образца, подробности

Ukrainian students will not be able to obtain state diplomas

The Verkhovna Rada approved the bill providing introduction of a number of changes in the process of obtaining higher education. The document was developed by members of the “public Servants”.

Among the items of the bill and a section on the abolition of the state diplomas. Previously it was assumed that giving everyone the same diplomas, the state guaranteed the quality of training and confirmed that all of these documents have the same weight.

“But it’s not, the quality of education each University is different,” – said in comments to BBC News Ukraine one of the authors of the law and the Chairman of the Committee on education science and innovations Sergey Babak.

В Украине планируют избавиться от дипломов государственного образца, подробности

Now each University in accordance with different quality of education will give the students their diplomas. Form of these documents will be arbitrary. The information about the diplomas will be made in the Unified state foundations of education.

“If we want to issue a diploma of higher education, educational program, for which she studied students must be accredited by an independent Agency. This diploma will be in the Unified state database of education”, – said Babak.

He added that, if the training will take place on another program, the diploma issued will not be considered a document on higher education. In fact, such teaching can be compared to the passing rates.

Previously, we wrote about the fact that Ukrainians are demanding that President Vladimir Zelensky to cancel EIT.

On the website of the President of Ukraine e-petition to abolish testing for Ukrainians. This was reported on the website of the President. The petition was published on September 11, initiated by bullfinch Taras.

В Украине планируют избавиться от дипломов государственного образца, подробности

The author asks the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky cancel the exam, because the test of harm the health and psyche of students.

“EIT is harmful to health and the psyche of pupils and students. Children no longer play sports and other extracurricular activities, because they know if you do not pass the exam, they are nobody. Cruel, but that’s what it sounds from everywhere,” the letter reads.

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