Ukraine predicted a “sad scenario” due to the lack of air links with Russia

Украине предрекли "печальный сценарий" из-за отсутствия авиасообщения с РФ

© RIA Novosti / stringer
Ukrainian aviation industry will not be able to develop if will not resume the communication with Russia. This was stated by Director of the Ukrainian Agency of social communications, political analyst Sergei Belasco.”Without the restoration of air links between Ukraine and Russia, including mutual Aviatrans, the development of a full-fledged hub and the interception of the flow of air passengers between Europe and Asia, the Ukrainians can only dream” — he wrote in Facebook.
Belasco explained that the overflight of Russian territory and waters “enters Ukrainian air carriers in the specific penny” and increases the time of flight.”In General, if Ukraine does not begin in the near future to negotiate with Russia on normalization of the air, the Ukrainian aviation industry will wait for a very sad scenario: the cancellation of flights and closure of routes, reduction of staff, reduction of tax revenues, deterioration of climate and logistics”, — added the analyst.From October 2015 between Russia and Ukraine, completely missing the flight, this step was initiated by Kiev. In October of this year, President Vladimir Zelensky called strange the fact that a direct link is absent, but between the two countries continue to run trains. According to him, because of this bankrupt Ukrainian companies.

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