Ukraine proposed Russia to pay for transit and an empty pipe

Украина предложила России платить за транзит и пустые трубы

Transit volumes of gas through Ukraine, which Gazprom wants, will cost the Russian company at half or even two times more expensive than it is now. New tariffs for transportation of Russian gas unacceptable not only called the head of “Gazprom” Alexey Miller and the President of Russia Vladimir Putin.

“Naftogaz” suggested “Gazprom” the new tariffs for the transit of gas from 1 January 2020. The head of the Russian company said that they will not be accepted. “The issues are many, including issues that relate to the matrix of tariffs. It’s a very very high rates, really significantly above the current rate at which we are now delivering gas through the territory of Ukraine”, — said the Chairman of the Board “Gazprom” Alexey Miller. It fully supported the Russian President. “We are ready to keep the Ukrainian gas. We are now negotiating about it in Vienna, it is no secret. However, the possible conditions which we still offer the Ukrainian transit countries, they are economically unacceptable for us,” said yesterday Vladimir Putin.”Naftogaz of Ukraine” stated that the company introduced the European method of calculating the rate. “Calculations of the transit fare, which was shown and commented on the Russian side, only cover the adjusted costs of the operator GTS of Ukraine, and therefore this rate can not be overstated,” wrote in a Facebook Executive Director of the Ukrainian national company Yuriy Vitrenko.

About specific numbers, none of the parties said nothing. However, obviously, we are talking about the already announced numbers. In mid-September of the rates is called the head of “Naftogaz Ukraine” Andriy KOBOLEV. So, when the transit of 60 billion cubic meters a year, the cost of transporting thousands of cubic meters per 100 kilometers will be $ 3.21 m, and at 90 billion cubic meters — $ 2,56. “The more volume and the more prolonged the period of “Gazprom” will reserve the lower rate will be”, — said the Chairman of “Naftogaz of Ukraine” Andrey Kobelev at the presentation of the tariffs in Brussels. According to him, both tariff calculated on the basis of the contract for 15 years.

The Ukrainian edition “Mirror of week” was reported that “Gazprom” insists on the transit of 30 billion cubic meters per year. The company had announced plans to sign a contract for a year. And at such volumes and terms, rates may be half or even twice the current. But not less than $ 4 for the transportation of thousand cubic meters per 100 kilometers. Thus, if today the transportation of 30 billion cubic meters via Ukraine cost Russian side in the direction of Western Europe to $ 870 million, with new rates — not less than $ 1.32 billion to Transport the same volumes of gas, “Nord stream-2” will manage “to Gazprom” in $ 750 million In 2016, the head of the company Alexey Miller told that the cost of the second Baltic pipeline will be $ 2.1 per thousand cubic meters for every 100 kilometers.

Director of energy programs of the Center for world economy and international relations of the NAS of Ukraine Valentyn Zemlyansky told Colossal that the Ukrainian tariff laid the accelerated depreciation of the entire gas transportation system of the country, because without Russian gas it will be little demand and in the long term, “Gazprom” plans to abandon the Ukrainian transit.In other words, other transit countries, Ukraine is not, therefore, “Gazprom” continues to offer to take on all the costs of the Ukrainian gas transport system. The only problem is, that in Russia do not want to do, and “Naftogaz of Ukraine” does not intend to retreat. So, obviously, the fate of the Ukrainian transit will still be decided next week in Paris at the talks “channel four”.

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