Ukraine set a record at the same time planted 8000 trees

В Украине установили рекорд: одновременно высадили 8000 деревьев

In Ukraine established a record at the same time planted 8000 saplings of oaks and pines in Boryspil forest plantations.

As the correspondent the event took place on 6 November.

The action was organized by the company “Rijk Zwaan Ukraine” (Rijk Zwaan Ukraine), with the support of the “Unilever Ukraine” (Unilever), the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Ukraine and with the participation of Air France-KLM in Ukraine.

Present at the event, representatives of the Ukrainian Book of records officially recorded the fact of landing a record number of trees. The record was recorded in the category of “Mass actions, ecology” as the first ecological flash-mob organized by foreign companies planting 8000 trees.

The General Director of the Ukrainian Book of records Anna Krysyuk initiated a new national and international flash mob greening of the planet and the landing of the year 1 million trees. She promised to support and help implement all initiatives for tree planting, and a year to gather all the participants and to award marks of distinction.

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