Ukraine VDC zbrisala export abluc to Nd

Україна вдвічі збільшила експорт яблук до Індії

Ukraine in 2019 rotsi zdislava postachannja to Nd 325 tons yablok, scho mayzhe VDC more than postclose as.
“The year 2019, according to s oftime data statistics NZ, Ukraine zdislava postachannja for this reason the country up to 325 tons abloc scho approximative vdova 18 morskim containers. TSE, besshumno, perevesu installed applications as of Obagi probna of supply Rosmer 8-9 containers, nonetheless not showsm of course, Yak TSE became mozliwym show,” reads podollan.

In the words of Director s development of ukraïnskoï plodoovocheve Asian Katerini Swerve, number zapit on delivery abloc z Ukrainy to Nd salesas duzhe vysokou. Together with Tim, Oskolki in 2019 rotsi vroiai abluc in Ukraine strmko mensusa and vntrs prices trosly, export dandajena data currently salecause minimalnie, celcom mozhlivo, scho eksportni potential smoge bootie in this season realtone povnistyu. The prot expert rinku occult scho export abluc to Nd activesense vzhe in SCN-fierce.

“I SCN fierce I berezn in Nd Cheema Holy, I spodivannya srota. Moreover, in this period the stock of maszewo products viznayutsya, th Indiya narodu export expansion. Ot cinnic – nusam to to relish the licorice Yabloko and Yabloko, Yak zbereglasya be called a few more months, STA Solodkin. Same that supplies Ukrayinsky abluka in NDU in Tsey period mozhut Buti duzhe pressing”, – nagolovu economic investitsionnogo the Department Prodovolcha I slschools organization of the UN (FAO) Andriy Yarmak.

He respown scho main volume abluka mortus to Nd same in the dead-Tran, and s, June mport pochine sensualist.

“But in Ukraine duzhe nebagato such abluka, Yak potrebne for spozhivachiv for this reason the country: Yabloko got booty serednioho ABO grebnogo kalbu, perevazhno cervone koloru, and, Chim highest zaborplast, Tim better and, the most important thing, Yabloko got metrimate 60 days of transportowana without vtrati quality I project, after Yabloko prodvinut perevazhno in Adah the first markets for duzhe visoko temperature air. I don’t think scho Ukraine smoge postacute more 5-7 tees. tons abluka to Nd for the season niblick a few years”, said analtik.

Experti East-fruit powderi scho for know parmacy, today Bulo atrimana oftiny answer to the competent authority Nd about uspsa zakonchena trial termno supply Ukrayinsky abluka to the country for this reason. Respectively, nayblyzhchym hour obidva competent General description povinn aprilwhite detaljno npharmacy about those, s yakogo number mozhna bude pasinati export dandajena abluka.

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