Ukraine will begin to produce missiles for the Buk

Recently reported that over the past few years, the domestic enterprises are able to virtually “scratch” to establish production of the most critical components and to recover almost a quarter of the fleet of domestic anti-aircraft missile systems (SAMS) “Buk-M1”.

Украина начнет самостоятельно выпускать ракеты для комплексов «Бук»

As reported by people’s army — the Ukrainian enterprises are actively developing the repair of old “Bukovskaya” 9M38M1. With special attention to the engines and solid rocket fuel, the quality and condition which affect the acceleration, speed and range target. Scientific-production Association “Pavlograd chemical plant” has developed a new composite solid propellants with improved characteristics, a test that is already underway. It is expected that thanks to new powders and some changes in the software of the missile speed and range will increase significantly. If rocketeer will be satisfied by “behavior” PKR during test launches, then immediately after their graduation, will start a “refilling” of the refurbished missiles.

Украина начнет самостоятельно выпускать ракеты для комплексов «Бук»

This experience is subsequently used to develop new promising PKR.

But that’s not all — now the Ukraine purchase of foreign equipment to establish a closed cycle of production of missiles “Bukovsky” calibre, which in the future will be used for the production of advanced Ukrainian medium-range SAM.

Multipurpose highly mobile air defense missile system (ADMS) medium-range “Buk” (the last modernization of the SAM “Buk-M1-2”) designed to destroy aircraft strategic and tactical aircraft, cruise missiles, helicopters and other air targets (depending on the upgrade). Anti-aircraft missile system can be used for air defense troops, military installations, major administrative, industrial, and other areas (centers) under a massive use of air attacks, and can also be tactical ABOUT the module.

The composition of combat means includes:

Command post (CP) 9С470;
Radar target detection (SVTs) 9S18;
Up to six self-propelled firing installations (IED) 9АЗ10;
Up to six start-charging installations (ROM) 9А39;
Anti-aircraft guided missiles (AAGM) 9M317.

Main features:

“Buk” “Buk-M1”
Types of goals aircraft airplanes, helicopters, cruise missiles
The affected area of aerodynamic targets, km:
range 3,5-25-30 The 3.0-35
height 0,025-20 0,015-22
foreign currency exchange option 18 22
The maximum speed of targets, m / s 800 800
Number of simultaneously engaged targets one SAM to 6 to 6
The probability of hitting one rocket is:
aerodynamicly goals 0,7-0,9 0,7-0,9
krylatyh missiles not or 0,4 not or 0,4
vertolyotov 0,3-0,7 0,3-0,7
Deployment time, min. 5 5
The transition from mode “in battle, with 20 20
The charging time of the VCA, min. 12 12

According to the Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation, during the war in South Ossetia in 2008, some of the complex “Buk-M1” of Ukrainian origin in Georgia was shot down by all 4 officially lost recognition of Russian combat aircraft (including long-range reconnaissance Tu-22M and three su -25).

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