Ukraine will make an aerial survey of the territories

В Украине сделают аэрофотосъемку территорий

The first will remove the territory of Lviv and Volyn regions.
Prime Minister Alexey Goncharuk announced until the end of the year the aerial photography Lviv and Volyn region. The whole territory of Ukraine are planning to shoot in the spring of 2020.

According to him, the aerial survey is done to study the land question.

“This year is planned to complete the shooting of the Lviv and Volyn regions and in early spring next year — the entire territory of Ukraine. This will provide us with a fundamentally different quality of information, data, to organise land relations,” — said Goncharuk.

He also presented bill No. 2370 — on the national geospatial data infrastructure.

“The most important project, which will allow us to Ukraine to create a modern information system for geospatial — information on land, forests, water bodies, mineral resources”, — he said.

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