Ukraine will not allow the reduction of tariffs due to cheap gas from Russia

На Украине не допустят снижения тарифов из-за дешевого газа из России

The Ukrainian authorities will not allow the reduction of gas tariffs for the population, if “Naftogaz of Ukraine” will resume direct purchases of gas from Russia, which is cheaper than a reverse from the countries of the European Union. About it on air of TV channel ICTV said the Minister of energy of Ukraine Alexey Orzhel.

The head of the energy Ministry admitted that the country could resume direct gas supplies from Russia and its price is lower than in Europe. In this case, personally, as Minister, I will exclude the discount from the market so we not was this imbalance in the market, said Alexei Orgel.

A senior Ukrainian official was referring to the formation of tariffs for gas for the population and the generation of heat and electricity. Today, domestic prices, except for industrial enterprises are determined by a formula that is tied to the cost of imported gas. And the Minister of energy had in mind, and in the case of Russian export will be taken into account only the price of reverse gas from Europe. So, in September, according to the Ministry of economic development of Ukraine, it was $ 174 per thousand cubic meters. At the same time “Gazprom export” were sold in the month gas on the electronic trading platform at $ 126. The difference between European and Russian prices, says energy Minister of Ukraine, should be given a budget to spend on the development of the gas transportation system or the subsidies.
“That is going to look something like that. Total consumption is 32 billion cubic meters. “Ukrgasdobycha” — $ 70 thousand cubic meters (14 billion cubic meters). Russian gas — $ 130 thousand cubic meters (say, 14 billion cubic meters). European hub — $ 200 thousand cubic meters (4 billion cubic meters). With Ukrainian consumers — a market of 400 dollars per thousand cubic meters (70+130+200). And no imbalances,” he commented ironically in a Facebook Director of energy programs of the Center for world economy and international relations of the NAS of Ukraine Valentyn Zemlyansky.

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