Ukraine will sign an agreement with Mongolia bitwise

Украина подпишет соглашение о безвизе с Монголией

The Embassy of Ukraine in Warsaw will take place solemn the signing of an agreement on mutual abolition of visas between Ukraine and Mongolia, said the diplomatic mission “UKRINFORM”.

“Citizens of Ukraine will have the right to enter and stay in Mongolia, as well as transit through this country without a visa for 90 days within 180 days. This agreement will facilitate mutual travel of citizens of Ukraine and Mongolia, and to bring them into compliance with the current legislation of both countries in the migration sphere”, – stated in the message.

The Ukrainian government will sign the Ukrainian Ambassador to Poland Andriy deshchitsa, from the Mongolian Ambassador of Mongolia in Poland and part of Ukraine Nameh of Bata.

The agreement will enter into force after a series of internal procedures by both countries.

The visa-free regime with Mongolia and Peru, Mauritius, Costa Rica and another 10 countries is part of the programme of action of the Ukrainian government for the next five years.

11 June 2017 entered into force on visa-free regime between Ukraine and the European Union. For short trips abroad to citizens of Ukraine it is enough to have a biometric passport.

In the world ranking Index 2019 Passport Ukrainian passport is a 25-th place. Citizens of Ukraine can enter without a visa in 135 countries, in 44 States, you can get a visa on arrival.

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