Ukraine zbrisala export verstovogo oil to Moldova

Україна збільшила експорт вершкового масла до Молдови

Push stroke Zhovtnya 2019 rock eksportowe of Ukraine to the Republic of Moldova verstovogo oil for the amount mayzhe 2 mllion dollars.

Push stroke Zhovtnya Ukraine eksportowe to Moldova verstovogo oil in the amount of 1.94 million dollars, and in total s cob rock to country for this reason Bulo directed 11.6% of vsogo the export product, on zagalnu bag pona 7.8 million dollars. TAC of Obagi the expansion was viveli Moldova to another position at perelka countries, that copout the Ukrainian vershkove oil. Perche salesas Azerbaijan, although at Govt of Obagi the expansion to for this reason the country has fallen to 929 thousand dollars, vsogo W h cob rock tudi Bulo put oil on over 10.5 million dollars (of 15.59% from the General obsahu morto). Moreover, the Ukrainian vershkove oil Kupu I Georgia, Yak Atria of 10.49% from Usoga the expansion (s cob rock vartist supply has become over 7 million dollars).

Mporta Ukraine nails verstovogo oil s Nderland (48,78% from Usoga mporta hope for the amount of 4.9 million dollars), Nmachine (16,25 od osogo nortu for the amount of over 1.6 million dollars) that Polls (11,53% from Usoga nortu for the amount of over 1.1 million dollars).

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