Ukraine zbrisala export’yasa ptic

Україна збільшила експорт м'яса птиці

Ukraine zbrisala delivery’yasa ptic Kuroki across the border. S January to September production year, in Parveen s analogy by 2018 year, the export expansion’yasa ptic tbilisisa mayzhe 15% of the first dosage 439 million dollars.

Podomys patron Director of the National science center “Institute of agrarno economy” Mikola Pugachev. For Yogo words, vagotomy vimr export products SRS by 24.1% to 303 thousand tons. Tim hour expansion products vs m asno a groupie tbilisisa mayzhe by 11% – up to 531 mlion dollars. Pozitivnih zruseni in export’yasa I subproduct unable dosage zavdyaki two factors: increases in the supply’yasa ptic across the border I trivago shiroko Geographe diversific zakreplennym novih rink on zbutu after vtrati rosijskogo, adding expert. W 2017 roku posits main importer Ukrayinsky’yasa I subproduct trimout markets agricultural art countries Urope I As, – explained the expert, todav scho Golovnin clitellum ukraïnskoï products m asno a groupie Bula Sausi Arabia. Have SCN-Veress of the Dreamland has purchased the product in 96 mlion dollars. On another f – Nderland. Expert nagada scho two rocky popl Dreamland caluula a rating mporters Ukrayinsky’yasa. Further in the list Slovacchia, Belarus, Azerbaijan, RAK, UAE, Kazakhstan the first in Hong Kong. Vsogo in nazvan country exportusa hope 69% m asproducts a dime Obses, – podomys exercises.

Ukraine narodu the expansion of kuratini in the country Evrosoyuza. Have Govt Cabinet menstru Shvalev padanna on ratifico the Verkhovna Rada of changes to Please about the Association mizh with Ukraine that Evropeiskim Union about zbilshennya quote for Ukrainian exporters’yasa ptic. Document peredacha postupove zbilshennya rcno quote on m yaso ptic prerolling’yasa ptic 2.5 Razi, Yak exportusa z Ukrainy in DEG C, ie s ninth 20 tis. Tons to 50 thousand tons.

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