Ukrainian authorities in Israel – transit through Kazakhstan

“Conspiring with members of the criminal group…”

Украинские органы в Израиль – транзитом через Казахстан

A country where there is war, and the standard of living falls, always looks for “black transplantologists” horn of plenty on the market for human organs. Ukraine more than once, especially in the “rich” to death in 2014, was in the scandals associated with the illegal trade in “human flesh.” In the information part, the scandals are usually quickly extinguished, but recently broke another.

Nov 18, in Kazakhstan, was detained the chief physician of city clinical hospital № 1 of Shymkent city, Abylai Donbay, who is suspected of carrying out illegal organ transplants. The police said: “the Investigation established that the citizen Donbay A. A. conspiring with members of the criminal group, the activities of which he was credibly informed, despite the legislative ban on the sale of human organs, for large monetary rewards conducted illegal operations to seize and kidney transplantation”.

Украинские органы в Израиль – транзитом через Казахстан

Abylai Donbay

Against the physician criminal case under article 264, part 2 (participation in a transnational criminal group) and article 116, part 3 (unlawful removal of human organs) of the criminal code of Kazakhstan. The investigation established that as donors for organ transplants involved the citizens of Ukraine, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan, who sold their kidneys because of extreme poverty. The removed organs were transplanted to wealthy foreign clients, primarily from Israel. The Minister of health of Kazakhstan, Yelzhan Birtanov said that donors and recipients agreed on the “sale” of organs and operation, masking the transaction is voluntary consent.

Украинские органы в Израиль – транзитом через Казахстан

The Gani Kuttymuratov

Deputy Minister of internal Affairs of Kazakhstan Rashid Zhakupov said that Donbay “temporarily detained,” though release him on bail are not collected. Zhakupov has made it clear that the case of Abylay Donba indirectly connected with the criminal case of a physician transplant Kuttymuratov Ghani, who was arrested during the summer along with some B. T. Tikalova, a citizen of Kyrgyzstan, who worked as a translator of donors. The arrest of a prominent physician, head of Department of National center of Oncology and transplantation has caused a storm in the Republic of misunderstanding, but the police said that a twenty proven episodes of Kuttymuratov involvement in the illegal transplantation of organs.

Transplantation in Kazakhstan is not prohibited, but, under the law, citizens are forbidden to give their kidney, liver and other organs to foreigners. Case Kuttimuratov was resonant, the doctor is charged under article 264, part 2 (participation in a transnational organized group or transnational criminal organization) and article 116, part 3 (the forcible removal or illegal removal of organs and tissues of human origin).

According to the testimony of the former head of criminal police Department of internal Affairs of Kazakhstan major General of Armanca of baimurzin, the criminal Commerce has spread widely since the beginning of 2019 filed more than 60 criminal cases of trafficking in organs and human tissue.

Ukrainian trace these cases in the Ukrainian media covered the not-too-loud – as did the citizens of the “independence” sell their bodies is not a good life. However, to repay the Kazakh-Ukrainian transplant scandal failed. June 27, 2019 Deputy Minister of internal Affairs of Ukraine Vyacheslav Abroskin said on Facebook that he had met with colleagues from Kazakhstan, which is in agreement with the General Prosecutor’s office investigate trafficking in human organs. According to the Deputy Minister, known about 20 citizens of Ukraine, who had sold their kidneys in exchange for every 10 to 15 thousand dollars. For the buyer, a kidney costs about 150 thousand dollars.

The Deputy Minister of Ukraine writes: “One of the men said that he sold a kidney to pay for the operation a cancer of the wife, and the other to just live. And these our unfortunate citizens – ordinary suppliers of bodies, and generally for all this is international organized crime that is profiting on human misery. It is very sad that our citizens are the suppliers of bodies”.

Anyway, the investigation is ongoing. In early October, when turned detention in Kazakhstan, was arrested in Kiev, a leading Ukrainian transplant Oleg Kotenko, head of liver transplantation unit of the Institute of Shalimov. The doctor seized about a million dollars and sent him under house arrest. At the end of October in Kiev stirred up another hornet’s nest has opened a private clinic, where, as expected, also wielded “black transplant”.

Украинские органы в Израиль – транзитом через Казахстан

The Transplant Coordinator Oleg Kotenko

The outcome of the investigation in Ukraine is unknown, and the investigation of the case of Kazakhstan the Abylay Doba, who began practice at the transplant center of liver research Institute. N. Sklifosovsky in Moscow, trained in Seoul, quickly rose to the position of chief doctor of Shymkent, raises questions. In addition, the predecessor Donna on the post of the chief doctor, a famous surgeon MADI bigaliev, committed suicide.

Dissatisfied with the arrest of Abylay Donna only in the Ministry of health of Kazakhstan, where trying to protect the honor of the uniform. Deputy health Minister Lyazat Aktayeva said: “we Have 52 physician transplant, and each has its own specialty — the Ministry of health believes that a doctor could not be put in jail along with other criminals…” the police, however, are not ready to accept that the person who acted “conspiring with members of a criminal group” and conducted “illegal operations to seize and kidney transplantation”cannot be sent to jail due to the fact that he is a valuable specialist.

And while in Kazakhstan for the scandal with the illegal transplanting of kidneys, it inflames, while in Ukraine, his attempt to silence third party – Israel, remained silent. How else? From there, the rich pay and those who gave their bodies and those of their cuts and stuff they don’t care.
Andrey Uvarov

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