Ukrainian census as a way to hide the whole truth and to impose other

December 5, marks exactly 18 years after the first and last census of the population of Ukraine.

The only independent census was conducted in 2001. Any more is not held, the event is constantly postponed under various pretexts, for 2012, 2013, 2016 and now 2020. To prepare for census 2020, conducted a pilot census in the part of the Obolon district of Kyiv and of the Borodyansky region of Kiev region.

The Minister of the Cabinet of Ministers Dmitry Dubilet has shared on his page in Facebook the government’s plans to conduct a national census. The method by which we plan to rewrite the country’s citizens, causing confusion not only among ordinary citizens but also among specialists.

Украинская перепись как способ скрыть одну правду и навязать другую

The Minister Dubilet suggests that people are not on the heads, and the SIM cards and registries

Dubilet proposes the following steps:

– collecting anonymous information from mobile operators about the number of users and their location;

– the collection and processing of data from registers of children (the Registrar) and pensioners (Pension Fund), because these populations have fewer mobile phones;

– holding a “gauge” of sociological surveys, during which will be specified, how many SIM cards have an average on one Ukrainian in different groups;

mathematical processing of the received data.

The official said that this way will be able to get a fairly accurate number of people to save 2 billion foreseen for the census 3.4 billion.

As for the other indicators, which are defined in the census, the Dubilet offers “to find other unusual sources.” “For example, to explore the language issue, you can see the statistics of PrivatBank ATMs”, – said the Minister.

All are intended to show the catastrophic loss of the population of Ukraine during the “square” and adjust total Ukrainization under the demands of “titular nation”.

The method of counting the population by “love” is imperfect, as most people in the country have at least two SIM cards, in addition, it does not provide answers to other important questions that need to figure out the census.

The proposed method of census-taking was shocked by the majority of Ukrainian sociologists, and experts.

Director of the Fund Democratic initiatives sociologist Iryna Bekeshkina stated: “…the idea of conducting e-census Ukrainians are nonsense. It’s even a case study can not be named. Take, for example, the same mobile operators. They record the place of your residence? And about all of our registers, which we want to compare the data, I don’t even know what to say. You can be spelled out in the countryside, and live in the city. And then what?”

The most detailed analysis of the government’s proposed mechanism of the census Director of the Institute of demography and social studies of NAS of Ukraine Ella Libanova in an interview ZN.UA – influential “at the top” to the Ukrainian edition.

Украинская перепись как способ скрыть одну правду и навязать другую

Director of the Institute of demography and social studies Ella Libanova

“The big question: what the census is only the number? At least, it is also the age and sex composition. This way we won’t get it” – reasonably she says.

She explains that the Pension Fund a lot of “dead souls”, and the Registrar information is not digitized. “In addition, we have a group of people who are working but not registered. They do not pay taxes and do not receive pensions. What are we going to do with them? And take the information?” she asks.

Ella Libanova voiced other questions that seeks to answer the census: “We need to get information about sex and age composition. About family relationships… Further, we need information on the status on the labour market, because today we do not know how in Ukraine the unemployed, how many people do not look for work and do not work, that is economically passive… We need to understand the education level of our population… the census is extremely important to distinguish between permanent and present population (the one that was on census night)”.

Summing up, she States that “without a complete census was required. This is not fiction science which wants to play with the numbers. If we do not have a full census, you simply will not be able to properly run the country.”

The population census has not been conducted for 18 years, and during that time has changed not only the number of inhabitants of Ukraine, but many other indicators. The results of the census 2001, the population accounted for 48 million 457 thousand people. Compared to the Soviet census of 1989 the population of the independent country decreased by 3 million 249 thousand persons (6.3%).

Украинская перепись как способ скрыть одну правду и навязать другую

National composition of population of the USSR and Ukraine, according to the census

Particularly interesting are the results of the census concerning the ethnic composition and language issue. At absolute population decline, the share of Ukrainians increased from 72.7 percent in 1989 to 77.8% in 2001. While the absolute increase of Ukrainians amounted to 123,1 thousand at the same time decreased the number of Russian: from 22.1% in 1989 to 17.3% in 2001. The number of Russians in the country decreased by 3 million 21.5 thousand! And to this day there is no explanation.

In 2019, the State statistics service reported that as of 1 September the population of Ukraine amounted to 41 million 976 thousand. This is without regard to sail to Russia of the Crimea and beyond the control of Kiev Donetsk and Lugansk national republics. The figure is clearly inflated. After the coup of 2014 in Russia has left more than 2.5 million citizens of Ukraine, reported by FMS in 2015, and more than a million already received or the registration of temporary residence, or citizenship. Every year in Russia continue to leave the people of Ukraine. For the first half of 2019, the RF driven 165 thousand Ukrainians. As the head of the Union of political emigrants and political prisoners of Ukraine (SPPU) Larisa Shesler, 2018 “has acquired the citizenship of 85 thousand Ukrainians.”

More than 2 million people according for 2018, work and live in Poland, Minister of foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland Jacek Czaputowicz. Just over the border into Ukraine is approximately 8 to 10 million people. How are you going to count these people, is unclear. Some went permanently, others for a while. Bloomberg reports that only during 2015-2017 to Poland from the Ukraine has left 507 thousand labour migrants in Russia – 343 thousand, in the Czech Republic -127 million, and Belarus – 22 thousand. How they are going to consider? This is just what it says Ella Libanova.

The head of the health Committee of the Supreme Rrdi Michael radutsky said: “How can you do the calculations for the medicine, not knowing the number of the population? I think in a country of 30 million, someone believes that 28 million, some 42 million people.”

MP Nestor Shufrych said that “this so-called methodology limit consumption of bread. Now, it’s estimated that today in Ukraine is constantly 28-29 million.”

And according to some experts, taking into account the consumption of bread, the population of the country exceeds 25 million, According to the state statistics service, production of bread in the country in 2010 was 1807 tons, and in 2018 – 949 thousand tons. In 2010, each inhabitant of Ukraine accounted for 40 kg of bread, and in 2018 only 23 kg.

Украинская перепись как способ скрыть одну правду и навязать другую

Украинская перепись как способ скрыть одну правду и навязать другую

Chart showing the consumption of grain in Ukraine, which, in turn, is evidence of demographic catastrophe

Given that according to the permanent representative of the United Nations development programme in Ukraine Neal Walker, “60% of the population are below the poverty line” and bread with cereals for their main food “bread figures” does not indicate that people have less to eat it, but a sharp decline in population.

The same state statistics Committee reports that for Jan – Sept 2019 the production of bread made 645,5 thousand tons, which is 10% less than in the same period of 2018. The conclusion is simple – for the year Ukraine has lost several million people.

The desire to “save” on the census has some explanations: the adjustment of quantitative indicators to invented by the nationalist model of the Ukrainian state, and a way to further cash in on the “dead souls”, considering them in the budget.