Ukrainian families will receive improved “baby packages”: package contents

The government has promised that since February, the Ukrainian family will receive a “kid packs” with better content.

Українські родини будуть отримувати покращені "пакети малюка": зміст пакунку

First Deputy Minister of justice of Ukraine Elena Sukmanova during the hour of questions to the government in the Verkhovna Rada said that since the beginning of 2019 “package” baby got almost 19 thousand persons, informs Rus.Media.

According to the official, from the start of the new program “baby boxes” got almost 95 thousand people. To improve the content of a “package boy”, the Agency has conducted monitoring of feedback and suggestions from parents.

Sukmanova reminded that now the “baby package” can be obtained either at birth or at discharge from the hospital. It will all depend on the desires of mom. The Agency plans in the near future to include specialists in social work to resolve problematic issues mom if she is in the hospital in difficult circumstances.

The official stressed that cooperation with partners from UNICEF was conducted “interviews” and expanded the contents of the “package of the baby.”

The Minister of social policy Andrei Reva recently announced that since February this year, the list of things included in one-time assistance in a “Package boy” will be expanded.

Українські родини будуть отримувати покращені "пакети малюка": зміст пакунку

The Ministry had earlier published a full list of the contents of the baby box:

  • Box-cradle.
  • Disposable diapers for newborns from 2 to 5 kg, not less than 94 pieces per pack.
  • Disposable wet wipes for children from 0 years, hypoallergenic, PH neutral, odorless – no less than 56 pieces per pack.
  • Diaper cotton, size 80 x 95 cm (it can be resized +/- 10%).
  • Diaper flannel, size 90 x 110 cm (can change size +/- 10%).
  • Diaper muslin size 70 x 70cm (can change size +/- 10%).
  • Waterproof reusable diaper, size 60 x 80 cm (it can be resized +/- 10%).
  • Cap, one hundred percent cotton, size 0 – 3 months.
  • Cap, one hundred percent cotton, size 3 – 6 months.
  • Bodysuit short sleeve: size 50 – 56 cm 56 – 58 cm
  • Bodysuit with long sleeves, knitted fabric, % cotton: size 50 – 56 cm 56 – 58 cm
  • Pants-sliders with closed toes, one hundred percent cotton: size 50 – 56 cm 56 – 58 cm
  • Romper with long sleeve and pants: size 50 – 56 cm 56 – 58 cm
  • Socks, the share of cotton in the product for at least 90%, size 0 – 3 months.
  • Thermometer for the water.
  • Thermometer for body with rubber tip.
  • Baby nail scissors with blunt tips (safe), made of stainless medical steel.
  • Strip for lactation – no less than 60 pieces in the package.
  • Blanket of warmth/mid-season, filling one hundred percent cotton, the outside fabric is one hundred percent cotton, size 90 x 120cm (can change size +/- 10%).
  • Plaid blanket 100% knit cotton, size 60 x 80 cm (it can be resized +/- 10%).
  • The mattress, the composition according to international norms, size 42 x 70 cm mattress Size (perimeter) must correspond with the size of the bottom of the box-cradle.
  • Terry towel for swimming with the area, size 100 x 100 cm (you can change size +/- 10%), made from natural material.
  • Toy rattle developmental, made of plastic with a certificate that allows the use of toys without small parts.
  • Cream that contains lanolin 100%.
  • Liquid soap-shampoo dispenser, universal, 0 years, no parabens, hypoallergenic, unscented – 500 ml

The cost of a “package boy” taking into account packaging and transport, is of 3,377 USD.