Ukrainian film Director talked about his life in the United States

Украинский режиссер рассказал о своей жизни в США

For seven months known Ukrainian Director Lyubomir Levitsky lives in Los Angeles where he is developing a feature film “the Skeleton in the Closet.” He is the only Ukrainian on the team. The Director has set himself an ambitious task: to build a bridge between Ukraine and the United States, and the work on the film “the Skeleton in the Closet” should be the first step to a working dialogue between the two countries.

According to him, Los Angeles is different from all of America. About Levitsky said in an exclusive interview.

“Los Angeles is more stringent when it comes to achieving goals. They like assertive people, and the town is built only on mutual benefit. Here even the concept of friendship as such does not exist! The whole “friendship” here is based on the notion of practical benefit. But if you come here ready to do this, it will only work well. And, of course, we need certain documents: working visa and so on. This is also need to pay much attention. With tourist visas can’t work here: there is no such thing as a payment for work in cash, for example. And there are many other factors you need to know,” said Levitsky.

According to him, Los Angeles is exclusively business.

“Here the issues of financing, producing. So I would say that if a person decides to live here or come here solely on business, the more effective would be the second. But I could not choose this way: I worked with the author on the script and needs to be constantly “at hand”. But a lot of producers come here for a month, do their business and come back home,” he says.

“Here I can sometimes ask where I’m from. But actually before that, where I come from, here nobody’s business. Here people can be from any country, from any city. It doesn’t matter. It is important that you know how you can contribute surplus value to the project. It is important that you did and who you are,” he said.

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