Ukrainian journalists write denunciations. Who will now read

Украинские журналисты пишут доносы. Кто их будет теперь читать

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In recent days, Ukrainian journalism had twice stirred up.

So, the big resonance was caused by history with a reporter of the TV channel ICTV, to go to the city of Rubizhne in Luhansk oblast, controlled Kiev territory. The purpose of the report was to show how the region’s residents consistently see the light and wholeheartedly aspire to be full-fledged citizens of Ukraine, condemn the inhabitants of the LDNR and, of course, the aggressor (Russia).According to a survey of the alleged one hundred and fifty people came out correctly mounted plot in which the correct rubiano said right and nice ear active Ukrainian speech. The journalist announced that 70 percent of the residents of the Watershed wish all Ukrainian and are selfless patriots, and 30 percent still showing signs of fading separatism.In the story — as if pursuant to reporting standards was presented and the opinion is very skeptical of robesonia. But it soon appeared that it had undergone a radical sweep. The journalist posted on the Internet this is the full interview, and uncompromising honesty of his interlocutor became a sensation.A man colorfully explained to the young reporter, who fired in the Donbass and the role of Ukraine in the conflict and hurt visceral annoying reminders of the journalist that Russia de started the war.And then Patriotic, the interviewer made a strong move. He appealed to the President Zelensky and the SBU with the accusation in which he demanded immediate arrest of the separatists.According to unconfirmed for Sunday, November 10, reports, a man has been arrested.The reporter and the Snitch colleagues not in danger, perhaps, no contempt, or even just disapproval.Because last week the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky has signed a Decree on the establishment of the media Council, which aims to protect freedom of expression and to ensure the safety of media personnel strengthening all appropriate measures. The main overseer of security on behalf of the interior Ministry put the Minister’s Advisor Avakov Anton Gerashchenko.Yes, that Anton Gerashchenko, who in 2014 under the auspices of the oligarch Kolomoisky PrivatBank him and MIA (!) established the world famous website “the Peacemaker.” Remembering today, as it was, Gerashchenko tells with pride how thousands, hundreds of thousands on the online spread the information about “separatists”, the helpers, the enemies of the people, Pro-Russian fifth column in the Donbass… and Then there were the actors, writers, musicians, politicians, foreign journalists, almost all of the population LDNR — with full kit of personal data. And to the newly created resource was perceived by the society with the utmost seriousness, were carried out several acts of intimidation. For example, two days after the publication of the addresses directly in his own yard nationalists killed writer Oles Elder. So begins the story of the great terror of the citizens forces of the revolutionaries of dignity, part of which later, and she was listed on the website.
Caught in the “Peacemaker” of the citizens of Ukraine blocked the Bank card “without the right to challenge”. At the border control “residents” of the site spent hours watching with great care. “Activists” can do is knock the door at any moment.The site periodically gently rebuked the violation of human rights, international organizations, and some even asked the beneficiaries of the revolution of dignity not to close this vital democratic instrument. In vain. The website continues to operate to this day, and the new government says that it has absolutely no mechanisms of its closure.Anton Gerashchenko also during the years of the presidency Poroshenko has grown strongly in career attitude, well received new power and now appointed by the Minister Avakov (the same poroshenkos) to ensure the rights and safety of journalists. Here asks a number of appropriate allusions and allegories, but the reader can handle this….That happened in this country — Maidan, racing with the slogans about the death of enemies, the rampant Russophobia finally, the war and dehumanization of the other supporters of Ukraine, — the role of journalists and bloggers cannot be overstated. Horde nationalist striperov consistently and purposefully incited, pushed, provoked, throw outright lies, introduced ideas of superiority, humiliated in hundreds of texts of the residents of Donbass, mocked the tragedy of Odessa and continues to do it all completely without hindrance.
Almost all of the journalistic community affected by shashel aggressive activism. It is the journalists satisfied with beating the Russian colleagues in the international forums, they also lead the picketing of the Russian official delegations, chanting slogans in the meeting halls of the UN and the OSCE, importune at every counter response “whose Crimea?” organize baiting and own colleagues, suspected of deviation from the General line.The number of journalists loyal to the profession, radically less. Many had to sit in jail, and some still in the dungeons awaiting trial….I wonder what came to his first meeting with Gerashchenko, the representatives of journalistic community brought lists of victims from the tyranny of radicals and police colleagues, but primarily those who are faithful to the promoting of enmity, hatred and war. Because everyone can have something with someone to share, each can expect a sudden change of fate.Anton Gerashchenko swears he will with all diligence to fulfill its duties to uphold the freedom of speech and democracy, but journalists are sure that the danger they are now exposed, worse than the security version Gerashchenko.The level of cynicism held the appointment cannot be overestimated, but the threshold of perception of the citizens has increased so much that even the most unacceptable is no longer bright and long-emotions. Many have stocked up on popcorn and have some fun speculation about how some radicals will protect others from the tyranny of the third.Nura N. Berg

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