Ukrainian Minister admitted marijuana use


Украинский министр признался в употреблении марихуаны

© Facebook, Tymofiy mylovanov, the Minister of economic development, trade and agriculture Tymofiy mylovanov in his interview on the channel “Direct” admitted that he smoked marijuana during the training period for a doctorate program in the United States, he used a wax pen to relieve the stress and anxiety that he faced at the time.“To be honest, I smoked a cigarette 7 times in my life. This is when I dare take in school… But marijuana, say, well, it is illegal to smoke, depending on the state… marijuana I did it as a medical treatment, and it help a lot at school and then the University. But you know where I smoked it, and only there? This is when I was in graduate school was, doctor,” said Milovanov.

He added that the drugs had on him the expected effect.

“Smoking, by not Smoking,” admitted Milovanov.

The Minister said he first went to the US (Wisconsin) in late 1999 for study at the doctorate program. According to him, about 40-50% of his U.S. salary he was sent to pension funds, so at the moment he estimates his fortune at $1 million he had saved for 8 years, being professors in U.S. universities.

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