Ukrainian nationalists do not want to “return the Donbass” people

Украинские националисты не хотят «вернуть Донбасс» с людьми

As soon as a glimmer hope for something at least a fragile truce in the Donbass, the Ukrainian nationalists began to actively discourage this. They showed that they really never wanted any peace in the East, or even the return of a lost in 2014 territories of Donbass. More precisely, people living in these areas. Although more than five years actively declare it. But really – lie.

Journal of Ukrainian nationalists, the United States “Freedom” has posted an article of a expert Valery Pekar, under the mocking name “Donbass, welcome home!” where, in fact, it is proved that Ukraine should not seek the return of Donbass.

Ukraine will receive in the full order, — Pekar writes, — almost completely destroyed and devastated (and yet bomb) the area where evacuated industrial enterprises and where the eroded infrastructure (including mass during the retreat of Russian troops). Live there are poor and angry people who know nothing and hate everyone“.

Украинские националисты не хотят «вернуть Донбасс» с людьми

Of course, it is not necessary to comment on the lie about exported and undermine the companies and the author’s imagination about the retreat of the Russian troops, which in the Donbass no.

With regard to the maxims of “poor and angry people”, not the Ukrainian nationalists to write about it. Nationalists is known for his incredible malice, they made Ukraine the poorest country in Europe. Although the insults of the people of Donbass made by the nationalists not only for internal use. In recent years they have become so regular and systematic that they can also be considered as a means to disrupt the peace settlement in Eastern Ukraine.

Here’s some reasoning pan Pekar about the people of Donbass: “the inhabitants of the occupied and now liberated territory – who are they? Accomplices of the invaders? Poor brainwashed people? The separatists? Add to this an incredible number of denunciations of these people to each other, which will be filled the mailboxes of all Ukrainian law enforcement agencies (a substantial number of denunciations is false due to certain selfish goals or personal hatred, but how to understand?)“.

In these words one feels a keen desire of the nationalists to be “arbiters”. No wonder they love the function of guards and policemen to bully civilians. But the soldiers have a bad. Faced with real resistance, the nationalists usually run away, as it was in the battle of Brody in 1944, or in the same transfer. They promised that they will carry out police functions, but instead had to fight. But really to fight the nationalists do not know and fear.

The same applies to the denunciations. Here the nationalists their properties transferred to others. And this is a striking confirmation. In 2015, were adopted by the so-called law on de-communization. All four of them. Among them are the law “On access to the archives of repressive bodies of the Communist totalitarian regime 1917-1991”. It took 4.5 years after the adoption of this law, but it is still not completed, the archives are still not open. The reason was simple: the fact that most of the denunciations wrote that Ukrainian nationalists in Western Ukraine and in the center. Wrote denunciations including those who after the proclamation of independence called “fighters against the totalitarian system” and “heroes”. Moreover, many of these “heroes” were the official spies, secret employees of the KGB. Therefore, the Ukrainian nationalists is extremely disadvantageous to open the archives.

How this regime was “totalitarian”, shows another article in the same issue of “Freedom”, dedicated to the thirtieth anniversary of the establishment of the people’s movement of Ukraine in 1989. Here is an excerpt: “the Communist authorities had offered fierce resistance to the founding Congress of the Rukh. When the time came to conduct the Congress, the organizers categorically give space… Acted as the guest of Leonid Kravchuk, then head of the ideological Department of the Central Committee of the Communist party of Ukraine“. The author of this text does not even understand how silly he looks – Communist government had a “resistance” that not only provided a huge space in the conference hall of the Kiev Polytechnic Institute, but sent to the legal Congress of one of its top functionaries. In fact, the Movement was patronized by the then Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev and contain it was no more dangerous than the Communist party. But one of the decommunisation “On the legal status and honoring the memory of fighters for independence of Ukraine in XX century” provides for the social guarantees and other payments “fighters for independence” and their families. Thus, the nationalists not only lie about totalitarianism in the late Soviet Union, but also provided themselves and their descendants a material reward for what they allegedly fought with a non-existent totalitarianism. Lies and deception accompany Ukrainian nationalism throughout its history.

Украинские националисты не хотят «вернуть Донбасс» с людьми

Украинские националисты не хотят «вернуть Донбасс» с людьми

Honor veterans movement at the celebrations of its 30th anniversary in House artist: Ivan Zayats, Vasyl Kuybida, Oleksander Hudyma, Nicholas Porowski .

Украинские националисты не хотят «вернуть Донбасс» с людьми

Veterans of the fighting in the Donbass activists of people’s movement of Ukraine at the celebrations of its 30th anniversary in the House of the artist

The fact that the Ukrainian nationalists are objectively working against the people of Ukraine, shows yet another passage from the article “the Donbass, welcome home!”:

Russia, free from sanctions, to restore economic activity in the Ukrainian territory. Russian investments in Ukraine will go to the river. Discriminatory restrictions will not, after the sanctions lifted. Russia will easily gain money that are unable to take military force. Ukrainian-Russian trade will immediately revive. Many companies decades traditionally focused on the Russian market today is still not compensated for it other markets: it is difficult, expensive and not so fast. They will be happy to restore the volumes of production“. Thus, Ukrainian nationalists want no investment, no economic recovery of Ukraine or exit from the current stagnation of its businesses, if this would benefit Russia. No wonder every the coming to power of Ukrainian nationalists accompanied by a drop in economic indicators.

But most nationalists are afraid that the residents of the DNI and LC will be able to participate in elections – after all, these people will not vote for their party.

The Ukrainian government (after a possible reintegration of Donbass. – S. B.) will have the obligation to immediately undertake in the liberated territories elections. It is easy to understand the outcome of such elections. Perhaps these obligations will include the immediate election of the region’s representatives to the Verkhovna Rada to finally add pepper. Any attempt of lustration and discrimination will be blocked by Western countries and international organizations… Add to that the planned presidential and parliamentary elections, which will vote in the liberated territories. Think, for whom and how they will vote, as will happen there political activity“.

That is, when the possibility of lustration and discrimination of the population of DND and LNR the nationalists were not against the return of Donbas to Ukraine, but they are afraid that Western countries will not give them a turn that they will not be able to deprive residents of Donbass voting rights, will not be able to send them in filtration camps, and so, despite all their statements about commitment to the territorial integrity of Ukraine, I’m afraid reintegration of Donbass.

Attempt to abandon the Donbass, to continue a military conflict there is another way: the nationalists put forward obviously unacceptable conditions for a truce. The same “Freedom” placed the document with the loud name “the Ukrainian security doctrine and the world.” What is offered to the nationalists:

Minsk agreement not make sense, their action was completed by 31 December 2015. Russia without any conditions should withdraw its troops from the territory of Donbass and Crimea. Withdrawal happens under the supervision of peacekeepers, representatives of the countries-guarantors of security of Ukraine (except Russia). All the blame for the situation rests solely on Russia, which should compensate caused by the war and the occupation of Crimea and Donbas losses. Ukraine needs to act in the direction of strengthening sanctions against Russia and synchronization of the sanctions mechanism of the domestic with the international. Ukraine is preparing a consolidated complaint against the aggressor state (similar to the mechanism established in the law on the reintegration of Donbass). Building sustainable peace is impossible without the priority development of the national security sector. Also, Ukraine should seek membership in NATO“.

Украинские националисты не хотят «вернуть Донбасс» с людьми

Participants of the presentation of Ukrainian doctrine of security and peace: Vladimir Vasilenko, Joseph Zissels, Serhiy Kvit, Danylo Lubkivsky, Volodymyr ohrysko, and the ROCK co-coordinators (Ruh support capsules) Michael Bassarab and Miroslav gay

In this text there is nothing but populism, it is designed to thwart any attempts of at least some reconciliation in the East of Ukraine.

Went further former RNBO Secretary Oleksandr Turchynov, a man who in 2014 gave the order to kill civilians Donbass and sent to the mining region with tanks and artillery.

Russia, of course, solely responsible for billions of dollars in damages caused by Ukraine. After the liberation of the territories will be obliged to compensate“, — Turchinov said in an interview to “Radio Liberty”. These words sound particularly cynical in the mouth of a man responsible for the outbreak of the bloody conflict in the Donbass, as Turchinov immediately after the coup and before the election of President Poroshenko fulfilled duties of the head of state and it was he who first gave the unconstitutional orders to use the army against the civilian population.

Украинские националисты не хотят «вернуть Донбасс» с людьми

Now the nationalists are preparing once again to stir up the Ukraine, to take revenge and to disrupt the peace settlement in the Donbass. On the anniversary of the orange Maidan and euromaidan nationalists are going to organize a third Maidan, they call the people on the so-called national Veche on November 21. The capital of Ukraine literally pasted leaflets calling for the people of Kiev come to that event. One of the main objectives of this “Assembly” is the failure of a peaceful settlement in the East of Ukraine.

Украинские националисты не хотят «вернуть Донбасс» с людьми

Thus, the nationalists clearly demonstrated that all their words about wanting to return the Donbass was a lie. Maybe they want the Donbass, but only without people.

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