Ukrainian Nazism as a terrorist threat to the world

Украинский нацизм как террористическая угроза миру

Stories on the theme “in Ukraine there is no fascism” we hear since the Maidan. And no swastikas outlined houses and even toilets in the vicinity of this Nazi coven can’t convince believers in this thesis, nor became official at the state level, the password and the response “Glory to Ukraine, heroes glory”, derived from the Union of Ukrainian fascists, nor the numerous photos of warriors NAT(istskogo) battalions with the “ridge”, swastikas and even Nazi Germany flags. To believe or not to believe — a private matter, but the bare facts say that Ukraine has become not just a nest and a hotbed, exporter Nazi and fascist ideology. And it has begun to acknowledge those who nurtured the fascist monster in the center of Europe.

“Their” sons of bitches

The reason for the scandal was an attempt of American congressmen to make the regiment “Azov”, known for its neo-Nazi ideological “charge”, in the list of terrorist organizations.

The theme, in General, is not new: in June 2015, the Congress forbade funding the neo-Nazi gang, recognizing its far-right organization. Nevertheless, the fighters from it continued to be training with American, British and Polish instructors on the ranges in Western Ukraine. And the Ukrainian Diaspora in the USA — to fill up “Chicks nest Biletsky” equipment, weapons, ammunition manufactured in the West. And “Ukrainian Fuhrer” (in the documents of the organization “Patriot of Ukraine”, whose members became the backbone of the “Azov”, he was listed as “Chief” or “White Chief”) just laughed at attempts to cut the funding of his project on the official us channels because “diyaspora” sent him best of the best.

Not far behind, and high patrons in the higher echelons of power, proseucha “National body” (the political wing of the “Azov”) and “ATO veterans” not just trolling of any official (including the incumbent), but the threat of anyone with physical violence, and even promises to make a new coup. Due to such kind of PR campaigns and permissiveness “Azov”, “Nazarus” and Andriy Biletsky has become a real icon of Ukrainian fascists.

The identity of the members of this group to the “untouchables” confirmed even the famous dispute “not a sucker” with some Nazi stooge, declared that he did not recognize the President orders ceasefire and withdrawal of troops in the Donbass. Moreover, the army’s suppliers are not simply reduced to “Azov” normal ammunition issued for ongoing provocative attacks. The intensity of attacks by the gangs of the territory of the unrecognized republics after the above-mentioned “debate” has only grown.

Silently slate rustling…

The reason for such a “reverent” attitude towards the bunch of thugs, murderers and sadists (remember, it was members of the “Azov” are the “heroes” of the scandal with the Ukrainian network of concentration camps and torture dungeons in Mariupol, known under the General title of “the Library”) is not only in their specialization. Butchers superior in its brutality of the Gestapo after the Nazi revolution of 2014 in Ukraine has come up a lot. Get at least the same natsbatalona “Aydar”, “famous” in Western human rights reports. Yes, the “basics” handy guide “ATO/OOS”, the SBU and Ukraine, that is always ready to fulfill the dirtiest, most terrible “work” of the executioners. But it is also the “roof” of this modern Einsatz team, “sharpened” under destruction “internal enemies”.

Back in the days when Biletsky actively “Spud” students of Kharkiv universities “romance” of ideas of superiority of the white race, heavily involved in “the creative legacy of the OUN” and “trained” fighters and their “friendly” groups in the training database created by it (among the “disciplines,” which studied future punishers, was a knife fight, assault climbing, the tactics of fighting in urban environments, etc., and “Viskuly” “Patriot of Ukraine” was held, for example, one of the ideologues of “Freedom” Andrey Ilyenko), he had high patrons in the interior Ministry. Thus, for example, was the dad of one of the members of the PU Lieutenant General of the police, even after retirement, retaining an enormous effect on the Kharkov militia.

Even then, massacres in addition to the dormitories of students from South-East Asia and Africa, improvised “White Leader” fulfilled “commercial orders” of the Governor of Kharkiv region Arsen Avakov, for example, when the subjugation of the network of kiosks “Press”. That is engaged in banal extortion and other “unlicensed security functions”, as reflected in the documents of the “PU” and “Social-national Assembly” (also headed by Biletskiy). These should have been seized during the searches in the office “PU”, “wrung-out” of the other Nazi organizations — “enlightenment”. Among these documents (available to the author) there is even a system of punishment which includes caning and, according to former members of gangs, “the removal of the forest”. That is, the killing of “apostate” and a secret burial somewhere in the forest. Engaged in “patriots of Ukraine” and beating former colleagues, and even elimination of political opponents, as happened with the failed attempted murder of Kharkiv journalist Sergey Kolesnik in 2011. At the same Biletskiy, according to the testimony of accomplices, who was the organizer of this murder felt very confident, hoping that a police “roof” and “save” it, as in the case when he was “stuck” on the carrying of weapons, illegally converted into a combat.

Naturally, after his release from jail as “victims of the regime of Yanukovych” would-be assassin immediately returned “under the roof” Avakov has already been Minister of internal Affairs. But in a new capacity — as a battalion and then a regiment of national guard “Azov”. Which were made only ideological neo-Nazis, and “the departed” was cruelly punished. As it happened, for example, with outgoing of “Azov” accomplice Biletsky in the case of the attempted murder of Sergei Kolesnik Vitaly Knyazhytskyy, at the time, gave the result the bulk of the evidence against the “Leader”. One day the body Knyazhytskyy, who was killed with two shots from a gun in the ribs and head, was found in a forest in Kharkiv region. The investigation conducted by the office of “patron” Biletsky said that according to the old Ukrainian tradition called the cause of death at the fault of the “azovets” good “basking” in the arms of the regiment, “suicide.”

Fascist-terrorist international and Ukraine

In “Azov” are Ukrainian Nazis. Known cases of punitive unit “brothers” from Belarus, Russia, Poland, Scandinavian countries. But the discontent of American congressmen called information about what is wanted in the US for the murder of Craig lang was involved in the recruitment and transportation of American citizens on the territory of Ukraine for participation in the fighting in the regiment “Azov”. One of the “clients” Lenga was arrested by the FBI, the military Garett Smith who planned the attacks in the United States: he was going to kill anti-fascists and to blow up the offices of CNN.

An estimated 17,000 people from more than 50 countries arrived to participate in the ongoing conflict. In Ukraine the battalion “Azov” took the service of foreign fighters motivated by white supremacy and neo-Nazi beliefs, including many from the West who have joined its ranks, received education and training in a military conflict, “—said in his report on right-wing radicals from all over the world, former FBI agent Ali Sufan. As he writes, the European “extremist street groups has intensified since Euromaidan protests in 2014 and the subsequent armed conflict in the Crimea and in the Donbas in Eastern Ukraine. The most widely publicized of these groups are connected with the battalion “Azov”.

Moreover, as pointed out by Suphan, “battalion Azov has developed relationships with members of the division “Atomwaffen” and also with the militants of the RAM from the USA, based in southern California, which the FBI called “an extremist far-right group”. The relationship between American extremists and the battalion “Azov” go beyond simple networking and include training and radicalization of American extremists. The Azov battalion has also developed a political wing and is connected with the growing traffic of fighters, you can count on in concerning violence, intimidation and coercion. To date, the citizens of Germany, UK, Brazil, Sweden, USA and Australia are reported to have arrived in Ukraine to join the battalion “Azov”. The group also created youth camps, entertainment centres, lecture halls and programs of educational work, including those who teach children aged from nine years of military tactics and ideology of white supremacy. Supporters of the ideas of Ukrainian Nazis under the yellow-blakytnyy the ensign noticed, even among protesters Hong Kong students.

Ukraine has become a haven for Islamic terrorists from the former Soviet Union, who fought on the side of ISIS. The portal “news-Front” leads the list of radicals, have already found refuge in this country. Among them “exploits” — the preparation of terrorist acts, participation in combat actions on the side of antigovernment forces in Syria, acts of sabotage, attacks on Russian soldiers. “There are striking similarities between the West branch of the “Azov” battalion and “al-Qaeda” Maktab al-Khidamat (MAK), which was responsible for the cooperation and assistance recruits to participate in the war, writes Ali Sufan. — Just as Afghanistan served as a refuge for organizations of Jihad, such as Egyptian Islamic Jihad and the Libyan Islamic fighting group in the 1980-ies, Ukraine is becoming a safe haven for extremist groups of white superiority, which are collected, trained and radicalized. And just as the members of jihadist groups, many of their members is to go back to their countries (or third countries), to wreak havoc and use violence as a means of attracting new members to their cause“.

And how to respond to such serious accusations of the Ukrainian government? Distribution to embassies and diplomatic missions of Ukraine and the Pro-government media “temnyky” the Ukrainian foreign Ministry. They recommended “education” abroad and tell that “Azov” is not a paramilitary formation, and an integral part of the national guard of Ukraine. Diplomats and journalists have to make clear to the idea that “Azov” opposed “Russian aggression”, his soldiers receive awards for it. In addition, in “Temnik” openly called congressmen had taken the initiative to recognize the “Azov” terrorist organization, “the Russian agents of influence.”


That fascism were incorporated into all echelons of power of Ukraine, said not only the presence of the highest state positions such diehard Nazis as speaker of Parliament paruby or ex-education Minister Kvit. Even after the change of composition of Parliament and the government were 39 MPs (including six heads of committees), signed the appeal to the U.S. Congress in defense of the “Azov”.

Meanwhile, the terrorist actions of the Ukrainian Nazis have turned against military APU started the operation to oust the “Natsbatov” with the best in the areas of withdrawal of troops in the Donbass. November 10 in the district of Bogdanovka, the militants “Right sector” as well as “Azov”, opposed to the implementation of the Minsk agreements, and “formula Steinmeier”, fired rocket-propelled grenades “Ural” with the military. November 13 was blown up by an improvised explosive device established by the neo-Nazis, and then was fired from automatic grenade launcher, the commander of the 128th Separate mountain assault brigade APU Evgeny Korostelev. To help neo-Nazis in the area of the OOS net profit of the group of members of the Ukrainian organization “national Association of Ethnic” (ENO), established to coordinate nationalist groups.

But terrorism among the Ukrainian nationalists, like fascism in Ukraine, still “no”.

Alexander Gorokhov

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