Ukrainian pensioners would be better to abandon the special pensions

Such a statement officials made based on the fact that no projects on the recalculation of pensions and other special payments for certain categories of persons will not.

Українським пенсіонерам буде вигідніше відмовитися від спеціальних пенсій

Analysts of the Ukrainian pension system claim that the population has ceased to be profitable is to obtain pension granted according to the law “On civil service”, and now all the former employees it makes sense to think about the design of “ordinary” pensions granted by age and experience, informs Rus.Media.

Ordinary pension is regulated by the law “On compulsory state pension insurance”, which recently had been amended, which provide for the increase in pension payments.

It is noted that during mass recalculation of pensions in 2017, the payments were increased for many categories of citizens with the exception were former civil servants. Exactly the same situation was observed with pensions of research workers.

In the bodies of pension funds was tested pension cases and transferred them to a regular pension of those citizens, whose payments could increase substantially. However, tests have not affect all retirees.

In accordance with the Ukrainian legislation regulating services do not have the right to reduce pensions to Ukrainian citizens, respectively, transfer of pensioners on the other, increased pensions, they are also beneficial.

Thus, in connection with the reform of the government pension paid to the law “On compulsory state pension insurance” will continue to grow, but the pension of civil servants, while “frozen”.

From March 1, 2019 Ukrainian pensioners will index their pension payments. Higher pensions according to the coefficient that takes into account inflation and average salaries in the country. According to government estimates, this rate of 1,174. This means that the average pension will be increased by approximately 17%.

The Minister sotspolitiki Andrey Reva stressed that 17,4% of the current amount of pension is the maximum gain, above which the pension in the near future to index the government will not be able.

In January 2019 bodies of the Pension Fund carried out recalculation of pensions one of the categories of persons having the big insurance experience, but received a small salary. The recalculation was applied to persons who are over 65 years old and they are pensioners, while having a minimum of 35 years of insurance for men and 30 for women.