Ukrainian radicals are “hot December” for Zelensky.

Украинские радикалы готовят «горячий декабрь» для Зеленского.

The President of Ukraine was held stringent requirements, with it, this time openly threatened a coup.21 November on the occasion of the sixth anniversary of the beginning Euromaidan in Central Kiev, despite the cold weather, gathered more than five thousand people. From the rostrum of the nationalists, “warned” the President from rash and not signing the (Treaty talks, according to radicals) agreements at the upcoming meeting of leaders “Channel format”.The co-coordinator of the “resistance Movement surrender”, the former member of Parliament and former Deputy head of SBU Andrey Levus voiced the demands of the Nazis to power, which Zelensky supposed to follow during your visit to France. Among them, there is no special status ORDO, to follow the course of Ukraine in NATO, immediately terminate the justice and persecution of the “Ukrainian patriots” to push Kolomoisky from the government, and of course, blame it all on Russia.The next gathering on Maidan radicals announced at 19:00 on December 8 before the meeting “Channel four”. Urged all to come with warm clothes and hot drinks in order to make the duty on Bank, so that when Zelensky is in talks, he knew that the Ukrainians are waiting for and if he will betray Ukraine, they are ready to “act”, to fight like hell for the Square.In addition, the patriots reached the international level and threatened Him and Merkel. According to activists, if they will continue to put pressure on Ukraine to make concessions to the aggressor-Russia, they will become complicit in war crimes, international crimes. Personally him and Merkel will be personally responsible before the Ukrainian people.Traditionally, independence has not been without insults Putin, well it is necessary to blame someone!Incidentally, the Maidan November 21, detained more than 450 participants. It is noteworthy that among them, 48 is the highest officials, and 220 – law enforcement officers. This, in particular, 27 investigators, 20 prosecutors and 23 judges. All routine guilty cases.What Zelensky, the cardinal took action against the protesters, “stressed the importance of tangible results in the investigation and ASKED to strengthen the team of investigators”.worldmil

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