Ukrainian radio – a hotbed of hatred

Украинское радио – рассадник ненависти

A friend of mine – an anti-fascist, a scientist, a man often quoted in the “Facebook” of the program of Ukrainian radio, rich rabid Bandera lies.

At first, I jokingly told him that this kind of “moral masochism”. But later realized that, first, the man listens to this nonsense is not entirely on their own – he’s at work, in government, constantly include a wall-mounted “brehunets”; and secondly, the programs of this media it is possible to make a picture of the degradation of the current Ukrainian state and the media.

Let’s take a quick look at the schedule:

– “Establish whether Ukraine a rematch in the humanitarian sphere: MOV, svidomo and historical memory,” guest – Vladimir vyatrovich;

– “Ukraine is under occupation. Anthropology (! – Ed.) Donbass”;

– “The development of PCU”;

– “Zelensky requires Putin to disband the militants?”;

– “About the courage of the defenders of Lugansk airport”, “On sister “Azov”, “About the first assault on Ilovaysk” (guests of these programs with the General title “Heroes” – veterans of the Donbas;

– “What kind could have a social networking profile of Bandera, Petliura and Mazepa?”;

– “Journalists in the occupation”;

– “Blogging on social networks. Ukrainian blogger Dorji Batu, who lives in Connecticut, works in NASA”;

– “How to work with oral history Maidan?”…

However, the Ukrainian radio has long been one of the main tools for clogging of the collective consciousness.

Now the Ukrainian radio is an Association of ostensibly public radio stations that are members of the National public broadcasting company of Ukraine (NOTE). Why supposedly? Yes, because there is a NOTE mainly due to the state budget, controlled by the Committee and dependent on him, and of the Central government, that is no truly public element in its activities there. There is a name which misleads the public.

Live UR out in the three internal frequencies: the First channel of Ukrainian radio (intelligence), Radio “Promin” (music and entertainment) and Radio “Culture”, as well as on international Radio Ukraine International (formerly “world service UR). Ukrainian radio belong to the House of a sound recording and the radio House in the capital, in its composition it has five creative teams – two orchestras, two choirs and a trio of bandura-players.

To create a NOTE in 2017 UR was a separate legal entity, the National radio company of Ukraine, which even had a stand-alone membership in the EBU – the European broadcasting Union. We note in passing that the level of SD content in any way not up to European metastandards, but, apparently, the political component for the EBU were much more significant in the extremely low quality of Ukrainian programs, not to mention the notorious standards of journalism that on SD and did not smell.

Conventionally the date of creation of the Ukrainian radio can be considered on 16 November 1924. Then the people’s Commissariat of posts and telegraphs (ngcas), the Soviet Union organized at long wavelengths in the USSR all-Union national radio broadcast, and the same Ukrainian people’s Commissariat launched a radio “Ukrainian radio.” First, the frequency with Moscow and later on a dedicated wavelength. First broadcast sounded from Kharkov, the first capital of the Ukrainian SSR, Kiev UR moved in 1934.

In 1933, the UR has turned into the Radio Committee of the USSR, and in 1953 – in the Main radio under the Ministry of culture of Soviet Ukraine. At the same time in unison with the Radio of the Soviet Union radio USSR began to relay 1 channel of the Central television, running on the same frequency transfer the newborn Ukrainian TV.

A few years later there was a new perturbation, and the Ukrainian Radio received the name “the State Committee of the USSR for television and radio broadcasting”.

However, an independent Ukraine does not recognize itself the successor of USSR, so the Soviet history of Ukrainian radio in the current period according to the law on “decommunisation” is considered a prohibited propaganda of “totalitarian regime”. Although UR, having no other compelling stories behind them, on its website says the Soviet including how during the great Patriotic war (the Second world referred to as broadcasters) radio moved again to Kharkov and then Stalingrad and Saratov and from there led the transfer of the Ukrainian language! And nothing at the same figures UR not too tight, when they invite on the air tonight Vyatrovich and participation of people hang noodles on the ears and about the “Second world”, and about “totalitarian regime”, allegedly ridicule “MOV”.

In 1991, the Ukrainian state radio and television became the State of Teleradiocompany of Ukraine, and from 1995 it was divided into the National television company and National radio company (respectively NTCU and NRCU). Control of them and distributed them to budget money separately formed Committee for radio and television.

The main frequency of all-Union national radio got the SD-1. Frequency radio Mayak began to broadcast UR-2 “Promin”. Then, after the launch of the UR-3 “Kultura” in 2003, broadcasting the Beacon stopped, and the frequency where UR out in the Soviet time, a programme of the regional broadcasting company and radio… sectarian “Emmanuel.” We also add that later NRCU began to broadcast programs of radio “Vatican” – in a country where the majority of the audience refers to the Orthodox faith.

As for the quality programs of the Ukrainian radio, it never rose above the parochial level.

In the nineties and early zero Republican UR in Kiev was unsightly. Several large old buildings, on the perimeter connected with each other by passages, occupied the grounds with a courtyard between two streets – Khreschatyk and Grinchenko. Studios, offices, corridors dirty, had not been renovated. Workers are kind. Ancient technique. World Service, which in Soviet times was engaged in active propaganda in foreign countries, now looked like some seedy district studica.

It is now posing as the international cool channel, but in fact became the factory propaganda “ducks” Russophobic and nationalist Nazism filling.

After realizing what a help in the tasks of overseas owners can have UR rulers square began to put in his budget. In terms of funding the national radio company of Ukraine in 2000s-2010s was in second place after the NTU. Having the balance of the building, Netradio “sheltered” and regional TV, and even radio and television, which was ejected from the building on Prorizna street, after the “orange” Maidan.

The main characters of most of the radio programmes UR – carriers “svidomo ideas”, which, together with the leading hammered listeners stories and stories about “Russian aggression”, a “great history of Ukraine”, starting from pre-Christian times, about the “cultural masterpieces” obscure promidinner “creators” and stuff like that. Often invited cave nationalists like Farion. Russian language UR trying to ban in any format.

For example, one of the esters is called a patriot svidomo and began to make a complaint because some of the listeners who call in to the Studio to “allow themselves” to speak in Russian? Leading began to make excuses: “We’re in the Studio we speak in the Ukrainian language, and if some of the radio calls and starts talking in Russian, then what can we do?”

After that, the national conscious the caller gave her advice not to allow the sound of Russian speech on the air and report such precedents in the SBU.

Journalist UR respectfully listened and thanked for the recommendation.

My buddy recently heard interesting statistic. It turns out that today in the homes of residents of Ukraine was 350 thousand radio sets (we are talking about a wired broadcasting). In 1991, the same year the number was 26 million a Few years ago again UR self announced figure of 1.8 million And now – 350 thousand! And this number continues to shrink by about 10 thousand every month.

That’s how he commented this news: “Personally, I such dynamics pleases. Just because I know what lies and hatred, fed their listeners with their Ukroradio”.

But not particularly enjoy. The number of “Brekhuntsov” is steadily declining in the wired segment, but rapidly growing segment of the Ukrainian FM radio stations. Only 10 of October “Public radio” received 87 frequencies! “Public radio should be easily accessible to all students!” – said on this occasion, the head of the Board NOTE Zurab Alasania. But the number of frequencies in the FM band does not mean quality ratings, “Independent Association of broadcasters” show that none of the SD stations is not present in the top lists weekly audience reach of FM stations. And this despite the enormous injections from the budget and opportunities packs to frequency.