Ukrainian referees are suspected of bribery

Украинского рефери подозревают во взяточничестве

In the press appeared information about several quite interesting banking transactions that are directly related to three matches in the First League in the season 2017/2018. All three games are United by one person – the arbiter of these meetings, 28-the summer inhabitant of Kiev Vladislav Dorosh. It was on his credit card were received, it was Vladislav has transferred a certain amount of assistants and observers of arbitration. For a long time under the suspicion of law enforcement, Vladislav Dorosh not just suspended from refereeing still continues to work on matches of the First League (including November 24, he judged the match, “Hirnyk-Sport” – “Flint”), but is one of the Trustees of the Italian head of the referees Committee of the UAF Luciano Rays. The Ukrainian football Association Dorosh heads whole in the direction officiating Amateur football. That is directly affected by the granting of licenses referees who are going to work on matches of the Amateur championship of Ukraine. 06.10.2017. “Volyn” – Poltava – 2:0
Judges: Dorosh – Ardasheva, Witt; back – of Holyavko; observer – Zanna card 09.11.2017 Dorosh came to 40000 UAH from ex-referee Myron Byteprocessor: 8000 UAH – Ardasheva, 8000 UAH – Witte, 8040 UAH – Know 1000 UAH – Holyavko 18.04.2018. “Volyn” – “Nikolaev” – 0:1 Judges: Dorosh V. Doroshenko, R. Sobotik; back – of Podrygala; the observer is Vasutina card Dorosh 20.04.2018 came 69000 hryvnias from ex-footballer Sergei Chernyakovskiy: 13500 UAH – V. Doroshenko, 13500 UAH – R. Sobotka, 1005 grn – Podrygala, 13500 UAH – the Vasyuta 02.05.2018. “Nikolaev” – “miner-Sport” – 1:0 Judges: Dorosh – Litvinov, J. Wisniewski; back – of Milanic, observer – Burmecia card Dorosh 04.05.2018 came 23500 UAH administrator “Nikolaev” Andrey Tomaskockoorchestr: 4700 UAH – J. Wisniewski, 4900 UAH – Burmecia

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